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Always Forgive

There should be no room for bitterness in your life, anger or upset, it’s absolutely essential that you forgive and genuinely forget the people that have done you wrong.  Forgiveness may do very little for them but it will do a lot for you.  In actual fact forgiveness does a lot for them too whether they are aware of it or not.

Things happen in the world of the spirit that are beyond the senses of our human bodies, relationships are first formed in the spiritual realm before they manifest on earth, all activities and important life events are coordinated by your spiritual selves.  As painful as it might sound all the things in life that you experience are chosen and agreed to by you.  Not the everyday you that washes the dishes and goes to work or bumble’s it way through life, but the more complete version of you that exists in the spiritual realms.

The Nature of You

You are a multifaceted being, made up of a lower and a higher self, a material body and a spiritual body.  The lower self is the one that exists in the world of matter (this world), the higher self is the one that permanently resides in the world of heaven, the spiritual realms.  It’s important to understand that there is more than one realm and that these worlds all exist within the same space, overlapping each other into a unified whole.  Our consciousness exists in some form within them all, housed in an appropriate spiritual body suited to the needs of those many wondrous realms.

Whilst these realms are imperceptible with the limited senses of your physical body, they are there nonetheless, not even a millimeter away from you.

It’s the same with the body and the soul, your spiritual self also inhabits the same space as your physical body, overlapping and saturating your physical self with its spiritual senses and feelings, thoughts and intuitions.

The physical realm is just that another realm that we have a toehold in, though importantly it is the one realm that holds our waking consciousness, but we do have a two way connection to all of the realms as all our different layers of consciousness are linked, this complete linkage we refer to as a ‘mind’ but for ease of description we will refer to your everyday consciousness on earth as your lower self and the combined consciousness of your other selves in the other realms we will call the ‘higher self’ though to be fair these are the crudest of analogies.

In a sense the ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ self are nothing more than labels, artificial divisions that make our job of understanding ourselves easier.  In truth we are a unified whole, despite the fact that our physical senses overwhelm the vast majority of input from our spiritual senses and cause the illusion of separation from our higher self, it is only an illusion..



Listen to your feelings

Your ‘higher self’ in the spiritual realm will always try to warn you or encourage you along life’s path, we experience such suggestions as positive good feelings, happiness, excitement or desires to do things we know will ultimately be good for us even if we don’t necessarily think so at the time, those things that you’ve just got to do  Likewise things that are genuinely bad for us will be felt with feelings of quiet unrest, that ‘gut feeling’ that tells you something is wrong.  Ignore this at your peril, because the lessons are often costly, you should always listen to the quiet feelings of ill ease that come from within and recognise that these are the prompts of your soul guiding you from misery to happiness.  Try not to confuse these with simple feelings of anxiety or a lack of confidence which ring through loud and clear as they originate in the physical body.  The input of the layers of mind closest to you will be the loudest, that’s why the most spiritual or heavenly of inputs is often the quietest as they originate in that part of your mind that is furthest away from the realm of earth.  That’s why the quiet inner voice is often the most spiritual, understanding and forgiving of ourselves and others.

You Choose

It’s all your fault!  The good things in life are all your fault too!  Nothing can happen in this universe to you without your permission, from the point of view of your spiritual self nothing can last forever, all earthly experiences no matter how pleasant or unpleasant are nothing more than temporary blips that pass us by.  A whole life can be experienced in instants in the spiritual realm.

These things and more will be revealed to you on the mystical path, because you already know everything that can be known.  You are a part of a much larger spirit, one that saturates every known portion of the universe with its presence, this is the higher aspect of your consciousness.  This high aspect we call God.  Everything that has been experienced anywhere in space and time has already happened to you.  You were there!  You know about it and as such can be certain of the truth with 100% accuracy.  These revelations will come you on the ‘gnostic path’ in moments of quiet epiphany, which are moments of sudden understanding when revelations make it through from your higher self to the lower on here on Earth.  Your higher heavenly self knows all things in different degrees.

It’s not just you, every other soul in existence will also know all things, because they too were there.  The plain and simple lesson of this is that it’s best to be honest, and it’s best to try and do the right thing, because at some level the people you deal with will also know the truth.

Accept what you can

Every soul is at a different level of mystical/spiritual development you may not agree with everything you read here and that’s fine.  I am not a prophet but I would simply ask that you accept what you can and reject the rest.  neither am I anything special, I am not an avatar of God, the chosen one or any type of messiah.  I am just an ordinary human being who feels that the time has come to share the things I’ve learned.

The Many Realms

Many ancient religions and creeds postulate a cyclical existence for the soul in that it reportedly left God many years ago and descended into the world of flesh, continually being reborn in each life learning ‘spiritual lessons’ until, one day it will be pure enough and learned enough to rejoin God at the altar so to speak.

Whilst this may intuitively make sense because we understand the nature of time and because it does include a little truth plus we also understand what it is to have a limited life span on earth it’s not exactly true.

As previously mentioned There are many realms all of which exist simultaneously together and you are present in each and every one of them.   One realm contains the most spiritually elevated and purest aspect of God, if you imagine the progression of realms to be like a ladder then you can imagine God is at the top of that ladder whilst we are presently near the bottom.

Spiritual Progression

The whole point of spiritual progression is to make your way up the ladder to be with God, becoming more like God with every step.  Many are ahead of us on this path whilst there are many behind us too.  The one thing none of us should have is a big ego about our elevated consciousness or not, ego gets in the way of spiritual progression and is to be suppressed at all costs.  Suppressing the ego will pay huge dividends in your daily life.

Again other faiths and mystics will claim that the ultimate point of progression is to become one with God or to become reunited with God, in a sense this is true, God is a good role model, though you should understand you can only become like God, not actually God yourself.  In other words you may develop a deep and never ending rapport with God, but you will not be God, just the most divine and spiritually progressed version of yourself that it is possible to be.

When the time comes you may even have all of the abilities and powers of God you may even be able to create your own universe and shape it to your will, but before you get there, there is much work to do and much spiritual progression to undergo.

This might sound lonely but it isn’t there are millions of souls out there just like you, all committed to the path of progression and whilst each soul has an individual path to follow you will have lots of good company along the way and will never be lonely.  God promises you eternal friendship and you will naturally be friends with other seekers.

The first steps involves the removal of ego centered consciousness which restricts your mind to only one point of view, true spirits removed from the flesh you call your body are more than capable of being in two or more places at once and enjoying the company of many people in those locales all at the same time.

Indeed right now at this very moment there is the higher you that exists in all realms and the ‘lower’ you that exists in the realm of flesh we call Earth, both are conscious and if the right channels are open both can help each other in their spiritual progression. In a sense you have a ‘divine twin’, but not just one, but many.

Spirits are essentially unlimited and totally free in abilities so progression in the higher realms can only come about through meditation and mental progression, choosing to be born into flesh in this physical realm is very restrictive to a spirit and puts them in a position of adversity.  The physical realm is exceptionally important as it is the only realm that cannot truly be shaped by thought, it requires actions and deeds to make a change.  It places obstacles in the way of the spirit that may be taxing and at times may seem insurmountable but nevertheless aid greatly with spiritual progression.  The physical realm is in many ways the most important realm of all, because it’s a realm of limitations.

This is why imagination is so great an asset amongst the so called living.  Imagination and the science and development it spawns is merely an attempt to bring the abilities of the spirit to the physical flesh.  That’s what spirits do, they all try to shape this world in the manner of their choosing.  This is something easy to do in the other realms where thought is a much weightier factor in the laws of those realms, but considerably harder to do here where muscle power, deeds and physicality win out.


Group Soul

Each level of progression brings with it unfathomable rewards and an expansion in the abilities of the spirit soon you will have the combined skills, knowledge and learning of all of your many selves and the other spirits that you share rapport with.  The lower spirits all seek the higher and the higher all seek God, this is the way it is.  When you share rapport with a spirit you become joined in the mind and give rise to a higher entity, a group soul if you will that you all contribute to and draw from as needed.

Don’t misunderstand this group soul is not a person as such or even an entity, just a combined pool of knowledge, experience and wisdom you have access to and in doing so gain complete understanding of every member of that group soul.  In a sense each member of the group moves up the ladder of progression when they are ready.

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