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A Parade In Heaven.

Opposing Views

It is often said that spirituality teaches us that we are all basically the same, and yet religion teaches us that we are all basically different.

It’s also been said that science makes us feel special and that religion makes us feel worthless.

These perceived truths though merely mark a point of view that is in no way true for everyone.  Some people feel great having been to church, the synagogue or the mosque.  Other people feel great worshipping in their own way.

There is no ‘right’ way to connect with God, which ultimately must be the point of worship.  If it works for you then that’s all that matters.

As far as I can see we’re all made from the same ninety two elements of the periodic table, they might be scattered more or less randomly across the universe but they are same everywhere.  They are the building blocks of all life.

A thought model of the universe…

As above, so below.   What we can see in the physical world also applies in the spiritual world, each world mirrors the other, being opposite expressions of the same force.  Like opposing poles of a magnet.

There is the negative and the positive, the north pole and the south.  The material and the immaterial or spiritual realm.

In the beginning there was God and God divided into two equal and differing aspects.  One material and one immaterial.  Just like differing poles of a magnet.

Two alternate and differing expressions of the same creative force.

The material universe is the body of God.  The immaterial universe is the spirit of God.  We are all just points of awareness within the spirit that have successfully merged ‘down’ into a material form.  That’s what we call life…

Life is an opportunity for spiritual matter to merge with physical matter.  It’s also an opportunity for the material body of God that makes up our universe to mix with and get an opportunity to be at one with the spiritual realm, because both realms are conscious and would love to be reunited.

Life is a merging of the spirit with the material around us to create a new being, that has a foot in both camps.

Cosmic Twin, Your Higher Self

That’s why every human being, indeed every creature alive, every flower or tree has a spiritual self, a cosmic twin that is more often known as your ‘higher’ self.  So you can rest assured that there’s a spiritual ‘you’ that directly matches the ‘material’ you.  It’s you, the part of you that exists in the spiritual realm.

You both share the same mind and the same personality, you both share the same subconscious and have memories of the same experiences.  The material you differs in the sense that you have a conscious mind that forms with your body and ‘dies’ with your body that has no memory of previous lives or the activities of your parallel self in the realm of spirit.

Meanwhile your spiritual self has a divergent type of conscious mind that remembers all things, all encounters and events for all of eternity.  This is often referred to by many people as the ‘missing’ piece, because it’s missing from our everyday lives.

The Illusion of Conscious Death.

At the moment of death, your conscious mind expands as your spirit withdraws from your body in a process that some people see as a white light coupled with the sensation of floating up to the light.

Your consciousness doesn’t die, it merely changes form.

When it happened to me as a near death experience when I was a young man, I also heard angels singing.  It was beautiful and frightening because I was so young and obviously didn’t want to die…

This expansion of active consciousness results in a merging of a spiritual self with the material.  A short while later you will be able to recall all things, all events, from all of your physical lives and the times of rest and joy in between.

That’s the point at which everything starts to make sense.  This is also the reason why people of faith all over the world place special emphasis on expanding consciousness to get a glimpse of the divine.

And it works.  Whether it’s through prayer, meditation, or becoming sensitive enough to receive dreams and visions (this is what I get), it works.  We get glimpses of the divine in flashes of epiphany, deep intuition and gut feeling, an ever increasing emotional intelligence that just see through people making them transparent to you along with the development of psychic abilities.  It works…

It bridges the divide between the material and the spiritual.

It allows moments of insight that in the twinkling of an eye completely change how you see the world.  They show you order where you expect chaos and love where you expect evil.

They build for you a working model of the universe that makes sense.  That’s the mystical or esoteric path common to mystery religions all over the world that brings you first hand knowledge of the divine through direct experience.

It’s hard to argue with direct experience.

You see, your spiritual or ‘higher self’ knows that the universe is perfect in every respect, it understands that it’s dualistic aspects are just different expressions of the same thing.

Your higher self also understands that every experience no matter how mundane you may find it to be is a spiritual experience because it presents an opportunity to learn something new.

It reveals to you it’s first hand knowledge of the heavenly kingdom and showers you with help and advice with it’s deep intuitions that you should always trust implicitly.

It also understands that trying to connect with God is easy when you realise that you are God, or at the very least a fragment of God’s much larger spirit.

Open your heart.  Let the Spirit of God enter, there’s nothing to fear from such a joyous reunion because it’s your spirit and it’s beautiful.  This is what the apostles talked about when they talked of the ‘Holy Spirit’ coming upon them.

Heaven on Earth, because it is Earth…

It also understands that the Earth is a part of Heaven, because they are just different aspects of the same thing.  That life and death are only a point of perception and are not opposite ends of a scale or even opposing forces.  Life is just the presence of spirit within matter and death is it’s absence.

It understands that some dualities are false such as cold being an absence of heat and not it’s opposite, the darkness is merely the absence of light and that evil is merely the absence of Good.

There is God and there is ‘not God’.  There is love and there is ‘not love’.

There is ‘gravity’ and there is ‘not gravity’.

The absence of something can behave like an opposing force simply by it’s absence.  That’s why it makes it known that there is no such thing as evil and that hate is merely love expressing itself in a damaging way.

It understands that you have a sense of isolation and loneliness and in doing so reveals to you that not only is isolation and loneliness an illusion but so is this individual self that you’ve attached to your personality.  It makes it known that you are all things.

God is the infinite expression of all things in an infinite variety of ways.  This makes it plain that God expresses itself in the physical, in the spiritual and can be seen in every blade of grass beneath your feet, every tree, every flower, every molecule in the cosmos and the spiritual counterpart of each and every one of these ever changing things.

Life is all about change.  Time and experience change us all, even God so you can take comfort in the fact that God is an evolving being.  The God-Head that created us all and is the architect of this entire universe, being truly omnipotent knows all things and is everywhere because it is all things, all beings, all events and all places all at the same time.

So in other words we are all the same and you are God.  In a higher dimension closer to God, we are all one being, in yet another higher realm we are God.

Love is the background hum of the universe it’s the eternal and infinitely expressing nature of God.  The driver behind all forces, all things and all universal constants.  There is nothing but love, expressed everywhere…

The abilities of the Spirit

Spiritual progression is all about raising your awareness, expanding your conciousness growing the powers and abilities of your spirit and building relationships of rapport with the beings around you that you know and cherish so that together you may all know all that there is to know.

Your cosmic twin can with enough progression be in multiple locations at the same time, have as many conversations as it likes with those people in those multiple locations at the same time and can move to any known point in the universe by an act of will.

If it knows the location, it can instantly go there, standing still as the universe dissolves and changes around it as desired.

With enough applied will, it can even change the matter around it to manifest new objects, shape new things and create wonderful devices and creations.

You should now understand that all technology and it’s continued development is mankind’s attempt to obtain the abilities of the spirit using physical means.

If only people would spend more time in their churches, synagogues, mosques or meditation rooms, then we would be able to fulfil our life’s purpose of living well, experiencing new things and gradually making the earth more like the perfect realm of heaven where our soul or cosmic twin resides.

This is what ‘death’ leads you into, an expansion of consciousness that liberates you from limitation.

I had a dream once, where I saw a parade in Heaven.

Every statue and work of art was perfect.  The parade was showered with tick-a-tape as an assembled crowd, whooped, yelled and clapped their appreciation to the artists as the works of art were towed along in carts powered only by the mind along streets that evoked the very best of regency and Georgian design, crossed with a little bit of the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Every building was perfect.  The sun was bright and beautiful and I knew that it was the spiritual component of our own sun and eternal.  I saw people taking pictures with delicate cameras that stored the images as small black discs. If you looked in the disc you were suddenly in the scene.  It was just like being there.  In a sense I was there.  My senses were overwhelmed by the reality of the photograph to the point that there was no difference to me.

I saw laptops being designed with cool looking touch screens that seemed to float in the air.

Everywhere I saw happiness.

I thank God for this, I am blessed that every night when I fall asleep and my spirit  merges with my cosmic twin, that I often receive dreams so real and vivid that they can only be a recollection or an experience that I’ve had when visiting the higher world.

You see in the realm of spirit we become merged with our ‘higher selves’ or our ‘cosmic twin’ and enjoy ourselves immensely as a complete being when we awaken we do so after a period of merging with the flesh to become separate beings again.  This merging is where the dreams come form.  Sometimes I dream of things that have happened like past events in the realm of spirit, or more likely I dream as they are happening to me in the moment.

The merging of the spirit and flesh gives primacy to physical senses so alas there is a time when you awaken from the dream as the link to your higher self becomes drowned out by the needs and sensations of your body.

This is awakening and it’s a bitter sweet occasion for me.  I love my ‘life’ and I like being ‘alive’, but I keep my eyes closed as long as I can.  Until I can’t do so any more.  Because once my eyes are open then the jig is up and I’ve got to face the day.

It’s hard being a spirit, tiring being in the flesh, that’s why we all need to sleep and slip our bodies for a time so that we might rest and recharge enough for another day.

One day of course we won’t come back and our identity and form will return to the ninety two elements that made it.   On that day though you may rest assured that it won’t be the end, just a welcome return to a wondrous realm in which you will be a complete being free as a bird and eternally blessed.

You never know, when you’ve had enough rest from this life.  You might fancy coming back!

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