The miscellaneous writings of Mark Bridgeman

A throne in heaven.

I remember thinking one night, as I fell asleep, that it would be nice if God could show me something beautiful, something incredible that I could share with you all.

As I drifted into sleep I saw in a moment of vision the throne of God, or rather the steps before it.

They were gleaming, made of white stone that looked incredibly pure.  They were long shallow steps that were wide and deep that ascended to a narrow stop, about the width of a two average men.

They sloped of into the distance, seemingly without end, rolling away like the curve of small hill, organic in nature, making the edges of the steps unseen, beyond perception.


Two beings flanked each other, either side of one particular step about three elevations below the top of the gleaming staircase.  Both beings were covered up with wings upon wings upon wings.

Six wings in total that covered each angel from head to toe as they basked in the never ending and beautiful radiant light that emanated from the throne of God beyond the steps.

Compared to the translucent steps and the stunningly beautiful light that came from within the throne area they seemed dark by comparison, dull grey almost, like moths, these two beautiful and benevolent beings that absorbed the light.

They reminded me of the Seraphim as described in the bible.  These angels used their wings to cover not just their faces and their feet but their body too.  The wings were folded away, there was no desire to fly, no desire to do anything but stay within the realm of love emanating from the throne.

They were completely passive, like God they had no need to fly.


I had the feeling that layout of the steps and the placing of the angels were symbolic in some way.  The obvious parallel of spiritual progression being a series of sudden jumps followed by long periods of seemingly ‘no growth’ before the next sudden jump.

I thought of the long, shallow steps and the angels, both on the same step, equidistant from each other, like two benevolent guardians before the throne.


It seemed to me that they were symbolic of the love of God, taking a single energy and rebroadcasting it in slightly different ways, the same force, expressed in alternate ways, like the anode and the cathode of a great battery or the opposing poles of a great magnet.

Although in this case, there was no intent of opposition.  They did what they did, they were what they were, the very foundations of our universe.


I am an ordinary man, full of flaws and behaviours that I’d rather not admit to and I felt blessed for having been allowed to climb the steps.  In my case I didn’t ascend higher than a few steps below the seraphim guardians.  I didn’t even think to do so.

It seemed that I was halfway between the top and the bottom and had paused along the way to take in the view like a man climbing a small, but shallow hill.

It wasn’t a case of me feeling unclean or unworthy, on the contrary I felt loved and expected, welcome in fact, and completely safe like a child playing close to his parents, within sight of the family.  I had no desire to ascend too high, to pass the angels and to enter the throne of God.  The thought didn’t even enter my head.

It’s like we all just simply knew our place, the angels on the steps and me a good few steps below them.

I felt passive and desire-less, serene and at peace.

The light was beautiful and intuitively I understood why the angels stayed there, unmoving, absorbing the pure white light that wasn’t really light, because it was love.


Love is like gravity, perceived as a weak force yet it’s felt everywhere.  Love binds the universe together and the love of God is the source of all physical laws.

Like gravity love is so strong when you are close to it that you might never get out again.  You can be in love forever.

We see the physical and it’s mirrored exactly within the spiritual, but both are merely the same force expressed in dualistic ways.  It’s like the steps and the angels were hinting at these types of symbolic relationships within my mind.  One seraphim for the material, one for the spiritual, but who knows?  We all interpret these things differently.

It seems to me that in the realm of God, all things are expressed in infinite combinations, all ideas granted life.  No other explanation is needed for our beautiful and benevolent universe.

All things are part of a grand thought, including you.


There is only love, expressed in multiple ways, changing the nature of all that it passes through stepping it down into other forces such as electromagnetism and gravity, being all expressions of divine love.

Love genuinely is the background hum of the universe. All things arise from love.

Love and ‘Not Love’

Within the nature of the soul, there is ‘love,’ or there is ‘not love’.  There is ‘good’ or there is ‘not good’.

The effects of ‘good’ last forever, the effects of ‘not good’ don’t last at all, the gains of ‘not good’ are always transitory and fleeting, at least when compared to the great eternal nature of the universe.

God has more than one throne, or more accurately you can visit the throne of God from anywhere if you have a mind to.

That in all realms of the spiritual, there is place where one can find and be with God, basking in the love that springs from there.

From this you can determine that the locus of God, is contained within the greatness of the eternal spirit of God, being the entirety of all creation.

I know that God manifests everywhere in a myriad forms throughout the universe and beyond because God is the universe.

In comparison your locus is your physical body, that’s the point that all people observe you to be at and within.  Though just like God you are in truth everywhere.

Your awareness seems singular, not multiple or omnipotent like God.  Your self and your higher self are not yet ‘one’, but nevertheless you should know that your body does not contain your soul.

Your soul contains your body and your soul is the universe.

All that separates you from God is just a trick of the light.

In the beginning God made you, there is nothing else but God, so you are not only made from God, but must be an aspect of God, one of hundreds of trillions of possibilities but you are here nevertheless.  A baby soul growing in statue with every experience.

Spiritual progression is simply growth of spirit, nothing more.  It grows in knowledge, experience, capability, empathy and of course love.

There is nothing else but love.

Love is the background hum of the entire universe.


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