This is the personal website of Mark Bridgeman, a Carmarthenshire based Web Developer (yes, I cut code), writer, philosopher and mystic.

I’d always wanted to have my own website that was full of the things that I love.  I admit that my interests might be narrow, but I’ll happily share them with you if you are interested.

The last few years I’ve been too busy to change the nature of this site from Web Marketing and SEO stuff, but have always wanted to.  Recently however my time has been freed up immensely.  Where I am busy now, that’s nothing compared to how super busy I used to be and at last I can indulge my interests.

This feels like a really selfish thing to do because I’ve always spent so much time on others that suddenly having the ability to spend time on myself seems like a really strange thing to do.

So in this site you’ll find loads of posts from my old mysticism blog, and some new ones about web design, web development, photography, philosophy and mysticism.

As well as this there’s some older posts that I wrote under commission in my capacity as a freelance writer and the former editor of the West Wales Chronicle.

They are mostly humorous or satirical, some are economic or political and are offered up via a range of fictitious characters such as Mike Spudly, the original Mr Angry at Llanelli Town, then later the West Wales Chronicle.  Please understand that these articles are offered up in character and don’t really reflect my views, they are just meant to be fun and entertaining.  I hope you enjoy them.

Repurposing this website feels like a really good idea to me, that I hope leads somewhere special.  I’ve decided to surrender to the universe and do whatever it requires me to do and be wherever it requires me to be this year of the back of a truly dreadful 2016, culminating in the hacking of this website at the same time that all sorts of things were going wrong for me both professionally and personally.

Professionally there is literally nothing left of my old life, but personally I’ve got good friends, blissful family and am still liked by my peers, I’ve also got nothing else to lose so here we go…

I hope you enjoy,

Mark Bridgeman

January 6th 2017.


Update: July 2017

A friend and I decided that we’d set up a site for philosophy with a special emphasis on Stoicism and whatever other philosophical disciplines interest us.  We’re presently populating the standup philosophers website with articles and I write under the pseudonym Comicus Muo.

Find out more at