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Am I stupid for believing in God? (In the Christian sense)? Particularly when there is no hard evidence.

No not at all, God is everywhere you look, above you, below you, to your left, to your right. The entire universe is God expressed in material form. Your mind and the minds of all living things is God expressed in a mental form. All things are expressions of God and that is why you cannot go anywhere without meeting God.

God exists in other people, places and events and God exists in you as you exist in God.

Every act is a spiritual act, every thought is a spiritual thought. If you study these things you will get to know God through his works and manifestations.

The fact that some people don’t believe in God is unimportant for example two ants are walking along on the back of a great elephant, one says to the other one. ‘I don’t believe in the elephant.’

The point being is that God is revealed to you in small doses at first, like the ant in the example we might not be capable of comprehending the entire elephant which leads us to think that it does not exist, that material reality exists of itself seemingly coming from nowhere and nothing. Yet when you join the dots, something bigger emerges that is more magnificent than you can ever imagine. One day we might have a sufficient vantage point to be able to see all of the elephant and settle the debate once and for all, until then different schools of thoughts and opinions on the subject will continue to rage on.

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