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Art Decor Chessboard in Black and White

I love this picture of an replica Art Decor Chessboard bought by my mother years many ago.  It’s beautiful design, understated and elegant just like the times it honours.

It’s an ideal subject for photos and more will follow, but what’s interesting about this particular image is that it’s lit by some ordinary household desktop lamps from two different angles to cancel out shadows, with a black board behind it which was angled to make an interesting backdrop to the photo.

I took four pictures at at varying levels of exposure before combining them in photoshop and applying some HDR (high dynamic range).

The result is a pleasing but rather noisy photograph that is well suited to black and white. The final effect of the film frame was made using the NIK software (free from Google) plugin for Adobe Photoshop.

I know that this picture won’t win any competitions because of the noise (ISO 1600) but that’s ok, it only has to please me, and that’s all there is to it.

As you’ve read this far, here’s a bonus from the chess shoot processed in photoshop (of course) and vignetted and split into 3.  Enjoy!




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