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Comedy & Humour

Virtue Signalling Celebs

I’ll have to take it again you blinked!

The Left and Right’s of British Politics

Diets and Death

Ewww are you EU in or EU out!

I Hate Cyclists

King Blair and the ‘Leaders Club’

Eclipse Fever

The Age of Aquarius

My Internet has gone crap again.

If Elected…

If you’ve been affected by…

Thanks for Nothing Ed!

Cats are Heroes!

Hot Politics or Why I ******* Hate the Tories

Harris, Hitler, Cyclists and Health Freaks

The Internet Has Changed Everything!

Did you know you are so fat and ugly?

That’s Sad That Is!

Dumbing Down, Schoolteachers and the Vatican can’t spell ‘Jesus’

Internet Download Shit

God The X Factor has gone shit

Red Ed Vs The Energy Companies

Gay Marriage


Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Snow and bin bags


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