The miscellaneous writings of Mark Bridgeman


Food for the Soul

Am I stupid for believing in God? (In the Christian sense)? Particularly when there is no hard evidence.

Epiphany on Forgiveness

Love and Mysticism

What is your personal theology?

What do we mean when we name reality ‘God’?

Can we purposely dream of the afterlife if it really exists to prepare for it?

The being in the void…

Will my life repeat when I die?

How can I start believing in God again?

In the next five minutes I am going to prove to you that God exists, with the following five facts.

The Universe is alive and it’s all you.

We’re not special. I am not special, we’re all special.

A Parade In Heaven.

Why Did God Make Such a Vast Universe

You are not…

Everything that you own will belong to someone else…

The Soul is Like Water

What are The Gifts of The Spirit

The Permanence of Circumstances.

Where is God?

The Nature of Suffering

Why you are here

The Dream of Life

God’s Purpose

The Trinity of You

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