The miscellaneous writings of Mark Bridgeman



How do we know if the world we are living in is reality?

Can a perfect being create imperfect beings?

Is enlightenment desirable and why?

What is Mysticism?

In the next five minutes I am going to prove to you that God exists, with the following five facts.

How do mystics experience the world?

Questions and Answers: Is the Universe a dream?

Questions and Answers: What would happen in the afterlife to a person who intentionally did wrong to so many others?

The Universe is alive and it’s all you.

We’re not special. I am not special, we’re all special.

Zoom In, Zoom Out

Who am I?

A throne in heaven.

A Parade In Heaven.

Why Did God Make Such a Vast Universe

You are not…

Everything that you own will belong to someone else…

The Soul is Like Water

What are The Gifts of The Spirit

The fact that Innocent People suffer implies that God does not care. Is this true?

Why does my past haunt me?

Why do I see myself as being different to others?

The Permanence of Circumstances.

Where is God?

The Nature of Suffering

Why you are here

The Meaning of Your Life


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