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Do you believe in karma? Does karma happen to everyone?

Karma cannot be escaped. Karma just simply means ‘your doing,’ and is not the simplistic concept of retribution and revenge that we’ve been fed in the west out of semi ignorance of the spirituality of the east.

It’s like this, if you get sacked from your job in this life, it does not mean that in a future life you will get to sack your boss, or have direct revenge on anyone that harms you and likewise it doesn’t guarantee that those who wrong you will have some kind of revenge on you in a like for like or tit for tat manner.

If I hit you with a hammer, it does not mean that one day you’ll get to hit me with a hammer.

It’s easier to think of Karma as a principle that works like a law of physics, so that for every action you get a consequence for that action. That’s Karma.

If I upset my friend and he doesn’t want to bother with me again. I am instantly suffering as a result of this, because I’ve lost his friendship and goodwill. That’s Karma.

Likewise if I am unfairly fired from my job, I may suffer loss of income and a whole host of negative effects on my lifestyle, but my old boss would be suffering too as he will have lost my respect, friendship and the ability to do a good job for him and that would be his ‘doing’ or his ‘karma’.

If I am violent and I hit someone, I might be the one that is doing the bad deed of aggressively pummelling someone, but as soon as I do so I am immediately suffering because that person will not like me anymore. This is compounded further if that person hits me back. We’ll both be generating Karma, and it would all be our doing.

This is why Jesus said to ‘turn the other cheek’.

Likewise if a man sets out of his house and crosses the street only to be hit by a car and hospitalised, that is his karma, as he set out at that time and stepped of the kerbstone at just the right moment to be hit by a car. It’s his doing.

That said, I’ve seen Karma ripen when the compounded effects of things that bad people have done have come back to bite them in the arse, but that is because they’ve done so many bad things that eventually they are unable to hide from their misdeeds and can no longer avoid accountability for them.

I’ve seen bad bosses get the sack after years of abusing employees and bad people lose all of their friends, some have even lost their entire families who disowned them. All of these things could have been avoided by them if they could have made the mental leap to understand that their actions have consequences, that every deed whether good or bad generates merit or lack of it and when the time is right, that karma can ripen and help you though bad times or turn good times into bad times for you and you alone.

The fundamental thing to grasp is that there is no god of Karma that is balancing the scales in the skies and no outside agency to punish or reward you for your actions.

There are only deeds and their consequences. That is all.

It’s important to understand that attachment to desire is also an act, and that can lead to karmic effects in your next life as you will undoubtedly have a next life unless you can free yourselves of attachments but this applies to your character and personality as opposed to the direct effects of hurting someone or being kind to them in this life, in this moment right now.

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