The miscellaneous writings of Mark Bridgeman

Do you think the universe and every particle building it has a consciousness of its own to know exactly how to move and what to create?

I’m a mystic so the answer for me is yes, I think that an awareness pervades all of space and time, it inhabits the space between matter, between atoms and their constituent subatomic particles.

Matter cannot observe itself, so for me, matter is simply one side of a coin, the other being awareness.

I appreciate that materialist sciences draw vastly different conclusions, so don’t take my answer too seriously, delve into the subject and find out for yourself, but for me it satisfies the fundamental difficulty that science has when it comes to explaining the ‘hard question of consciousness,’ how is it that a sense of self-awareness arises in the body/mind of a person when none of his or her parts are themselves aware?

Neurons in the brain are just arrangements of matter behaving in certain ways and by themselves are not conscious, yet together an emergent property of self-awareness pops up like a ghost in the machine. It doesn’t make any rational sense as no-one can tell you where this awareness comes from.

For me my rational yet un-scientific explanation is that it was there all along, one polarity of a fundamental reality of mind observing matter.

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