At Present

At present we’ve got a number of inspired writers willing to co create a nice place to visit on the internet.  We’ hope to inspire more people to not write for us and send in their New Age Wisdom but also to create their own sites or web presences and spread the Wisdom of the New Age.

At some point in the future we’d like to create really snazzy and helpful videos and animations of some Key points revealed in the works published on this one particular website.

That’s going to cost a little bit of money but the end result will be that the works created will be offered free of charge to the wider world.  In the meantime we may need to do some fund-raising to get the ball rolling, as this will enable us to get these things done quicker.  Either way, funding or not we will achieve these goals and with any luck we’ll contribute positively to the world wide movement for social, environmental, economic and spiritual change, the values of which are encapsulated within the New Age Movement….

We need to love the planet and we need to find new ways of living comfortable lives without exploiting it.  There’s not much exposure of these types of practices within the mainstream media so we’ll try and do some of it here as long as it doesn’t conflict with our main site goals, the most important of which is promoting harmony and unity through the essential recognition of the fact that we’re all the same.

We’re all the same…

Judging someone by the colour of their skin, their economic circumstances or the region of the world that they or their recent ancestors are from is madness.  Judging people by the culture they grew up or that they’ve had their values shaped by is also meaningless.

We’re all just pure souls, that’s all we need to recognise.  We’re all just individualised parts of the great spirit, that have somehow or other developed an Ego that binds us to the illusion that we’re separate to everything else and that somehow we can exist independently of everyone and everything else.

Not one of us can last a single day without the collective input of other people that we call ‘society’ or ‘community’ yet the important work done by our friends and families, our neighbours and co-workers that form this society is never celebrated or endorsed so we’ll do that here too.  Society is important, without it we wouldn’t even be able to live in caves.  You and I are collectively dependent on the people around us, worthy people, all of which play an important role even if the government declares them to be jobless and therefore worthless or down and outs and drug users.  None of us can get by without them for reasons that will also be explained nicely within this site.

Get a job, do well, look after yourself is only possible because others around you are maintaining society in some way or another.  You’re as connected to the needs of your community as much as the honey bee is connected to the needs of the fields, the forests and the gardens that they collect pollen from.

We’re all the same…

So in conclusion we’re hoping to spread a little bit of spiritual conciousness and encourage a positive change both in the person and society too.

You see if you elevate the conciousness of one man you elevate us all.  That’s because we’re all one at the level of the soul or the ‘deep unconscious mind’.  That’s the region of mind that allows us to tap into the greater mind all around us.

That’s the deep mind of the unseen watcher of the world, that passive awareness that watches and listens to your thoughts making you realise that you are not your mind.  You are not your thoughts.

Your mind is just an organ of the body that you use in much the same way that you use your stomach or kidneys or an arm or leg.  It is not you, beyond you are all of us.  We’re all the same.

This is why there’s no point trying to change the world, when we can all just choose to change ourselves.  When one person changes for the better all people and all beings wherever they happen to be are uplifted.

The Dreaming God

At some as yet undetermined date we also intend to release a full sized publication entitled ‘The Dreaming God’.  This feature sized book will be packed full of spiritual wisdom and take an indepth look at our universe and our place within it.

It will delve into the nature of God, spirits and humanity as well as other esoteric subjects such as the nature of reality and psychic powers such as mediumship and it’s place within the realms of science and the natural philosophy of metaphysics and New Age Conciousness.

The book is currently in development and will be released later in 2015 or early 2016 depending upon it’s completion.