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In the next five minutes I am going to prove to you that God exists, with the following five facts.

In the next five minutes I am going to prove to you that God exists, with the following five facts.

1.You are always at the centre of the universe.

Scientists have worked out the shape of the universe.  It’s torus shaped and continually expanding.  If it were possible to see for an infinite distance, the farthest point you could see would be the back of your own head.

If you could travel in a straight line for long enough you would eventually come back to the spot you started out from.


2.The universe is an atomic cloud.

It has varying degrees of density but at the atomic level it’s impossible to see where your atoms end and everything else begins.

Separation is an illusion.

You are what the entire universe is doing in the place that you call hear and now in much the same way that a wave is the entire ocean in the place where the wave is, a cloud is the entire sky in the place where the cloud is and a grain of sand is an entire beach in the place where the grain happens to be.

I’ll say it again.  Separation is an illusion.

3. You are the entire universe

This means that you shine the sun without knowing how, in much the same way that your organs work without your conscious efforts you are every star and every particle, every plant and every animal, every person, place, time and thing.  It’s all you…

When you look up into the beauty of the night sky, it’s your beauty that’s staring back at you.  It’s all you.

You are beautiful and have no need of cosmetics.  No finer beauty has ever been made.

4. You are the God you are looking for.

You stand at the centre of creation, infinitely connected to it.  Your being doesn’t end with your skin.  On the contrary your being encompasses all that exists.

It always has done and always will do.  You are as eternal as the universe, because you are all things.

Wherever you go, there is always something, some other part of you that’s aware of your presence, from the smallest creatures to the very largest, they observe you as you watch them.

You are yourself, looking at yourself through the senses of all things.

5.  We are all one.

This applies to everyone and everything else too, it’s all you and it’s all God.  There is no one else in the room.  This is the source of altruism, if you help another you help yourself, if you hurt another, you hurt yourself.  That’s karma and justice explained in one sentence.

Revel in the fact that it’s all you.  To put it another way, you are God, pretending that you are not.  Spiritual progression is the path of shedding this pretence and awakening your spirit.

Don’t worry about changing the world, because it’s already perfect, just change yourself and watch as the world changes with you.

Soli Deo Gloria

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