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God’s Purpose

We all accept that we have a purpose, even if we accept that we don’t necessarily know what that purpose is.  In the narrowest possible views, when you look at the big picture, the purpose of ‘people’ is to make more people.

Isn’t it startlingly obvious then that the purpose of God is to make more Gods.

As it is below then so it is above.

I think that in time, after perhaps a few more lifetimes, or even many more lifetimes that you too will become just like God, you will become God, both at one with God and fully separate, endowed with the qualities of God.

On that day a new universe will be born.  Your universe to do with as you wish, when you too attain Godhood.  I hope that when the day comes you will enjoy your universe and do the best that you can within that universe to stir other souls to perfection.  These souls will of course be your souls, fragments of yourself endowed with will and self determination, with the freedom to accept you and to love to you as well as to rebel against you.  They will be just like you in miniature because they are you and you are them.

They will be your consciousness spread across hundreds of millions of worlds in billions of separate bodies, experiencing whatever it is that you would like them to experience in that place within your universe as per your divine will, for your will is their will, they may choose to do as they wish, but that choice will also be yours because you as God are inseparable from them, because of course you are them and they of course are you.

Now from the point of view of you as God, you will experience all that they have to experience as they experience it.  You will have the combined experiences and wisdom of every single individual entity that exists within your universe.  All things will be known to you.  You will be a witness to every single event.  What will you choose to do with such knowledge?

Will you be a loving God?  I hope so, for the message of this God is everlasting compassion and understanding, for you understand that I too am a witness to all things and having such perfect knowledge can completely understand the motivation behind every single act, whether that’s a nice act or an unkind act.

I understand, for I know all things and with perfect understanding comes unlimited, neverending compassion and love.  I know why you do the things that you all do and I choose to forgive you and in doing so I forgive myself for you and I are the same which makes judgement impossible.

I experience all lifetimes and all moments from all that lives.  You experience them all one lifetime at a time, because presently that is the limit of your consciousness.  With further growth and development you will become capable of experiencing more and more and more, until one day you end up like me, with a universe inside of you.  A universe that is you.


I am the macro and you are the micro.  I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, the beginning of all things and the ending of all things.  I am the father and the mother, the son and the daughter.  I am the crawling things and the tiniest of all animals and the biggest of beasts, I am the rocks beneath your feet and the stars within the heavens.  I am the great ‘I am’ and you are me.

So when you be kind to someone else, someone you perceive to be separate from you, you should realise that you are actually being kind to me.  If you love someone then you are loving me.  Likewise if you are unkind or unloving then you are unkind and unloving to me for I am you and we are one.  That’s why all souls carry within them the spark of altruism, deep down inside we know that we’re all one, it makes perfect sense that you should help one another and not hate or seek to restrict them in any way.  To do so is to restrict me and I cannot be restricted because my energies will always be expressed in some other form.

Your universe is perfectly aligned and will not fade away, at least not until it’s fulfilled it’s purpose.  That purpose is of course to encourage and assist you with your spiritual growth.  What makes little sense to you is perfect when weighed up against many lifetimes of experiences and adventure.

When the lion tears into the gazelle, we see death and suffering which points to a universe that is less than perfect, yet that same lion and gazelle are both learning from the experience and will of course live again in other realms if they so choose and eventually return to the physical realm you call home.  Weighed up against many lifetimes of each being the lion or the gazelle an individual experience such as this means very little for the soul is permanent and the body is not.

Souls meet every day during sleep and death.  You are a butterfly that dreams of being a human, not a human that dreams of being a butterfly.  You are a spirit that dreams of having a body, not a body that contains a spirit.  You of course are the ultimate dreaming God.   Each day you awake and your spirit animates you but please understand that each night when your body sleeps your spirit is free to rest and experience the joy of other realms, other places, other cities, other worlds and if you are very, very, blessed, other universes.

The other Gods of the other universes they too are me and I am them and like you I get to experience this one universe at a time, until I too develop enough to be able to experience them all simultaneously.  Yes God is an evolving being, and God in miniature that is you is a mystic.  You are a mystic, it is your destiny and your job to see further than you have seen before and in doing so experience spiritual growth.  That is all.


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