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Have you ever heard God audibly speak to you?

Yes, whilst dreaming.

It had been at a time in my life when just about everything had gone wrong and my wife and I had just scrambled through years of financial hardship, long working hours, family issues, battles with Cancer and not much joy in life.

In the dream, I was standing in my parents’ back garden looking at the sunset just like I used to when I was a teenager.

I had fallen in love with the beauty of life on earth because as a teen I’d find quiet spots and stare at the clouds, seeing clearly how they moved and changed form over time, white puffy things moving gently or quickly against the brilliant blue of the sky, blown into different shapes by the sometimes racing winds or gentle breezes, but always changing form right before my eyes.

Sunsets were always a treat because as the sun disappeared over the horizon of the nearby mountain and the bowl-shaped depression of the wooded valley below it, the ever changing and drifting clouds would become stained pinker by degrees slowly transforming into huge swathes of red before giving way to purple, all the while suspended against a backdrop of darkening blue sky that itself gave way to the emergence of stars.

It was always a beautiful experience that left me in awe of our creator.
Staring at the clouds revealed to me that God was real and active in the universe. The fact that such grandiose beauty could come from simple water vapour just blew my mind. The clouds were alive and so was everything else. There was more to life than just the laws of physics, they seemingly combined with something else to create staggering beauty. I was looking at the evening canvas of the creator.

During the dream, I was enjoying the sunset looking deep into its locus and at once felt at peace just like I used to when I was a teenager I was fifteen again! It was at this point that I heard a voice that was at once loud and gentle, it came from everywhere and nowhere in particular, yet somehow from the direction of the setting sun. As it spoke, every atom in the cosmos vibrated around me. It was quiet, gentle and loud all at the same time.

The voice said that ‘I think you’ll find that from here on in things will get easier for you,’ and some other words that I can’t remember because the realisation that God was taking to me shocked me into wakefulness.

I remember thinking ‘oh my God, God is talking to me’ which was enough to end the experience and leave me staring at the nighttime ceiling above my bed, eyes open in total shock.

The dream weighed heavily upon my mind for a number of days but in a good way, I felt blessed and loved and throughout the rest of the year things really did improve that our work/financial situation did get better as nicer opportunities for work came along that alleviated much of the struggle and hardship we’d experienced beforehand.

I remember thinking later on in the year that everything had come to pass as God had promised and I was still shocked by that, then I’d laugh at myself for being surprised that the creator of the universe’s will had been done.

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