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How do mystics experience the world?

Speaking as a mystic, I would say that we don’t experience it any differently to anyone else.

The world is the world for one and all.

That aside, what we mystics claim to be able to do is to understand the world as fully as possible from the point of view of personal growth, spiritual development as a holistic thing.

This means that we see the world as one being, populated with lots of manifestations of the greater being (whatever you may perceive that to be).

All beings are equal and essentially the same, from the humblest ant to the greatest blue whale, elephant, dolphin or human being.

To a mystic the entire universe is merely the ongoing manifestation of the one great spirit, that is at once saturated with it’s spiritual essence. Physical and Spiritual are two sides of the same coin as one implies the other in the same way that male implies female, hot implies cold and tall implies short and so on.

Mysticism leads to one remarkable conclusion that we’re all not only manifestations or aspects of a greater being, but we are all in fact the greater being.

We are all the one being that became many, now returning to become one again. That’s spiritual progression in a nutshell.

People that are developing on the mystic path often feel that they are points of identity in a sea of consciousness, before finally realising that their identity and it’s associated ego are transient, unimportant and that they are in fact the entire ocean of awareness that looks out at the world as the quiet watcher that sits behind every pair of eyes you can see.

Another way of putting it is that we’re all god, pretending that we’re not.

It’s a loaded way to describe it, because the word God has such negative connotations for many people but essentially you and god are one and the same.

For the more materialistic searchers you can say that you are the entire universe in the place that you call here and now in much the same way that a wave is the entire ocean, wherever the wave happens to be.

Mysticism makes you aware that you are not only dependant upon your environment, but you are it. Hence it’s wise to look after planet earth, because if you damage it, you damage yourself. If you harm another you harm yourself.

Likewise should you help another, it’s you that you are helping. This is the root of altruism.

You are the abuser and the victim, so it’s best not to be abusive. If you love another then you love yourself, so it’s good to be loving.

Everyone and everything that you see is God, which in turn is you, except that presently you experience each lifetime one at a time.

Many mystics, myself included believe that further development of the spirit through the practice of love and kindness, meditation and the direction of focus upon the god-head (prayer) will expand your spirit to be able to experience the more than one lifetime simultaneously, those other beings that you have rapport with such as your soul group that comprises your friends and loved ones.

This is the origin of the term ‘group soul’ which exists independently outside of space and time as does your higher self or cosmic twin, both types of entity can be the source of much inspiration and intuition if you know how to listen to your small, still, inner voice.

At the top of the developmental tree is of course the Godhead, an infinite fount of radiant and ever lasting love that not only manifests the entire universe, but is the entire universe. The entire universe is powered by love.

This being understands and perceives all things, events, places and peoples within the universe simultaneously. Time and space mean nothing to the god head as it is all of space and time, material and non material, making it truly omnipotent.

Tapping into this power requires a fair bit of devotion and the willingness to unlearn old ideas that no longer serve you any more. If you direct your attention at the god head or whatever you perceive God to be (such as the living universe) then the result will be spiritual growth and the unlocking of psychic talents.

For most mystics this tends to come in the form of dreams and visions as well as moments of epiphany that cement into place a greater understanding of reality as it is.

Finally, it completely removes any fear of the spectre of death from your life as you realise that if nothing else is true, then after your demise your atoms will be recycled amongst the eco-system of this particular planet and be reused by other creatures, so therefore you will live on in a material sense and as material and spiritual are two different sides of the same coin you will live on in a spiritual sense too.

You will always be an individual that is also one with everything, because it is everything. Your soul encompasses all that lives, has lived and will ever live. This makes the debate around reincarnation a moot point.

You might come back in another body, but whether you do or don’t is actually unimportant against eternity as we’re all one being. Those new creatures being born are all you and at once are all God just like the rocks and the trees, the flowers, the stars, the planets, the galaxy, indeed all galaxies and all universes should more than one exist.

individuality is mere the attachment of the soul/ego/personality to the boundaries of matter, beyond this we’re all one…

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