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How is it that people can’t fathom the difference and validity between “a god” and “God” and insist on merging questions and desecrating these two concepts that are worlds apart?

I wouldn’t pay it any attention, it’s just a form of campaigning by the atheist, I rather like them, but am not an atheist myself.

At least they’ve thought about God, many of them are intensely spiritual, because being an atheist doesn’t mean the end to spirituality. There’s an intense love of the cosmos and an abiding respect for reality in many of my atheist friends and the atheist writers that I admire on Quora, as far as I am concerned they are just worshipping in their own way.

Many won’t admit it, but declaring an end to belief in God, doesn’t stop you from expressing the essential characteristics of the religion that you were raised in. If you were raised a Christian you have no choice but to be one, same applies if you are a Muslim, Jew or Hindu. The weight of cultural baggage and the sheer energy of the archetypes that occupy your mind will compel you forward in a way that is expressive of your religion. You can publicly state that you are not a believer but nevertheless you are doomed to act as if you are…

It’s not possible to comprehend all of God, to know God’s thoughts or to understand the mind of God is a noble but impossible goal. At best we human beings can only understand one or perhaps two aspects of God at any one time.

God is limitless and has an infinite variety of aspects, each aspect is a character trait or sub personality that acts out its own essential truth of being and its own inherent nature, being made up of it’s own sub-personalities, axioms and aspects.

When these aspects are clothed in matter we call them people, animals, plants and things, and recognise that they are all parts of a much larger being one that is made of mind and matter which are themselves two different sides of the same coin, that coin being God.

The entire universe is God, every mind is an aspect of God. Everybody is an expression of God, everything is God in a tangible form. They might all look unique but so does every face on a cut diamond, but the diamond is nevertheless one whole thing and so it us with us, the universe and God.

I often think of a situation in which two ants are walking alongside one another on top of a great elephant. One ant turns to the other and says, ‘I don’t believe in the elephant.’

The other one says, ‘are you nuts? The elephant is everywhere!’

‘Have you seen the elephant?’ asks the first ant.

‘Well not exactly,’ says the other.

And so it goes that neither ant can comprehend the whole of the elephant, both positions are correct from the respective point of view of each ant and this is how I see the debate between atheists and believers alike.

To the elephant though, it doesn’t matter very much…

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