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I accepted the fact that there is no God. What do I do now?

As a mystic I’d simply say look again, but inside not outside. You won’t find God in the material world.

If you look there all it leads to is the realisation that all of life is devoid of meaning and purpose.

Such Nihilism is true in the sense that God cannot be found in material things as well as the understanding that morality and goodness exist as social constructs that we all collectively agree with, but all of that changes with a proper mental examination of yourself via the tools of philosophy and psychology.

Human beings can only see what other creatures do, not why they do it. The mind can only see the universe doing things with no explanation as to why it’s there.

The mystic sees the the universe as a gallery of the collective works of God, which will teach the observer much about God in the same way that a painting tells you a lot about an artist.

The mystic also knows that it’s not possible to know God directly, you can only know yourself which in the long run leads you to a knowledge of God. Oneness is the thing you should be studying.

Oneness will make you understand that you are the God you are looking for and that the schism in reality is mind vs matter, both of which are different aspects of the same thing. That one thing is God in both material and mental/spiritual form.

The entire universe is God and you arise up out of it like a flower arises up of of the soil you are not separate to the universe you are an essential part of it. This is oneness.

Oneness makes you the entire universe in the form of a human being searching for meaning. This tells you that God is also searching for meaning and purpose and is by extension a purposeless being.

You ask the question ‘why am I here?’ and you quite naturally think that you are asking this on the basis of your individual self, but when you understand that you are in fact all things it makes it obvious who really is asking the question. That will be the God you are looking for, hidden in plain sight, having been there all along, just behind your eyeballs.

That God, is the concious component of the universe, matter cannot observe itself so a mind is required. Whether that mind arises up out of you or is a background ‘field,’ that all things tap into is irrelevant as either way it’s purpose has been achieved and that is simply to observe the ongoing entropy that is life, the universe and everything.

All of the above might be a tall ask for you, so If you can’t yet accept any of this then you’ll have to fall back upon philosophy as other thinkers in other times have also pondered this and found answers that should be required reading in all schools, everywhere.

If you can’t find God on the inside, through an understanding of oneness with all things (this takes time) then you’ll have to embrace absurdism via the works of Albert Camus, who in the face of realising that the world has no inherent purpose and that the act of seeking purpose was an absurd pursuit discovered that he could keep on looking with no expectation of finding anything and be happy anyway.

Seeking meaning in the universe is undoubtedly absurd, recognising that meaning in the universe is absurd is a pretty positive state of mind to be in.

The absurd is generated by both the universe and the human being observing it, one needs the other to make the absurd. The absurd is the quintessential condition of human experience and knowledge and must be embraced. Nihilism must be rejected as it can lead to depression and suicide which Camus sees as an attempt to end the absurd, likewise you can commit philosophical suicide by taking up a religion which Camus also sees as an attempt to end the absurd.

To the existentialist the only thing that is real is the absurd, it must be embraced, to do so is to love life and to live it to the full. The quality of your life isn’t important, what is important is how much living you actually do.

You might seek things that do not exist or cannot be proven, but the act of seeking maintains the absurd and with it a sense of happiness, meaning, place in the universe and purpose is maintained. If you do it right it should also bring joy.

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