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I’ll have to take it again you blinked!

Like most photographers I have hundreds, possibly thousands of very bad photos taken at the wrong time of day, at the wrong angle with the wrong settings on the camera.

Thankfully photoshop is a godsend that really helps us improve the worst offenders so that we can make them into something funny and wonderful to share all at the same time.

This photo won’t be winning any competitions, but that’s not it’s intention.

I had a flat photo of my best friend in the whole wild world, with some distant hedge behind him.  I normally like to isolate the subject and blur the background of my photos as not to distract the eye from the person/object/thing? that’s is the true subject of the photo.

In order to fake this, I duplicated the original photo layer in photoshop  and used the box blur filter to soften the background.  I then used the quick select tool to in the upper (unmodified duplicate layer) to remove the greenery around my friend to remove the backdrop giving us a crisp and clear image of the dog and a blurry background.

Finally I merged the layers into one in order to crop into the photo and apply the rule of thirds to compose the picture properly and have points of interest ‘on the thirds’ in the case the dog’s blinking eyes.

I did toy with making it black and white, but I like the warm colours and the fact that the image looks comedic which is what I wanted so here it is…  Enjoy!

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