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You’ve successfully uninstalled Wajam from your browser. We’re sorry to see you go…


If you have any suggestions on how we could improve Wajam we would love to hear your thoughts 😉


don’t bundle your shit in with other stuff that I want to download.  The fact that I downloaded some anti spyware software before having to navigate through a morass of your spyware is laughable.  


If I want your shit you may rest assured I will look for it and download it.   


If I go into a shop for a kettle I will not come out having been forced to buy the kettle that has been bundled with a free sheep!  


Your shit is about as relevant as a sheep to a kettle which is why I do not want it.   A little business tip, marketing is all about offering related products or services.  Thus in my kettle example, it might be good to offer me some mugs or even some tea bags or coffee.  Not a fucking sheep!  Capiche!  Baaaaaaahhhhh!


It’s worth pointing out that the good people at Wajam dispute that their shit is malware and spies on you, citing it as an innovative social marketing tool.  However some reasonably intelligent people on the Microsoft forums beg to differ…


nuff said…

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