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Is anyone else fed up of hearing about Jimmy Savile?


Just me then. Thing is what’s really annoying me, is not the people coming forward to say that he was abusing them, but the people who claim to have known that he was a predatory pedophile. I mean for God’s sake, if they knew why didn’t they do anything?

They couldn’t have truly Known

The truth is that they couldn’t have known, otherwise they would have gone to the police or the authorities in the BBC or the hospital or whatever. If they did know and they didn’t act then they are complicit in all of Jimmy Savile’s alleged crimes and as such are part of a pedophile ring whether they want to be or not. It’s much more natural to think that there was rumours and that people didn’t take them seriously or put them down as malicious tittle tattle that often come as the result of professional jealousy between clashing show biz egos (the BBC is full of those) which is why the rumours weren’t taken seriously at the time.


When the story about Jimmy Saville first broke, I thought to myself, how dreadful, that poor man isn’t around to defend himself, these allegations cannot possibly be true. Then as time sped on and more and more people came forward with tales of abuse I have to admit I changed my opinion. With the police now investigating via 120 lines of enquiry (this figure is increasing daily) it seems highly unlikely that these are malicious allegations.

Think of the victims

What has annoyed me however is the media circus, all of these celebrity names and folks from the media suddenly saying ‘I knew it! He had a taste for young girls.’ I mean put yourself in the position of one his victims who has been suffering in silence for years and might even have had their whole childhood ruined by Saville and his ring of pedophile cronies. To hear that other people ‘knew’ that he was a pedophile and that they didn’t do anything has got to add to the hurt already felt. In some ways it must exacerbate the abuse and add to the feelings of helplessness that those victims felt. Just for a minute try and put yourself in the shoes of one of his victims and attempt to feel how they must feel. How would you feel if it had been you who been abused, knowing that other people ‘knew’ and didn’t speak out or that nobody stepped forward to save you from being harmed and that your enforced silence was part of the system of abuse.

A Cover Up is Brewing

Now it looks like there’s evidence of a cover up at the highest level which might be why there’s been a resurgence of the Andrew Mitchell ‘Pleb’ story on the news of late. A smokescreen is always useful at times likes these.

Lynch Mobs

The other thing which is equally disturbing is the emergence of the Lynch mob. Jimmy Savile’s headstone has been removed and destroyed (although to be fair his family and friends did this) and there’s been calls to remove his OBE so he’s no longer referred to as Sir Jimmy Saville, despite the fact that OBE’s expire on death anyway so he’s no longer Sir Jimmy Savile but plain old Jimmy Savile Deceased.

Rameses II

It’s no different to ancient Egyptian kings destroying the statues of their predecessors. When he was alive old Rameses might have told you that he was great, he was the living god, he was kind and merciful, but as his rightful heir I am telling you that he was evil, he was a monster and that’s why we need to smash his statues so he won’t have any peace in the afterlife.


There’s even been talk of digging up Jimmy’s concrete encased coffin from the cemetery (yes it really is encased in concrete due to concerns that someone would exhume him if they thought he has been buried with all of his gold rings and assorted bling) and burying him in unconsecrated soil fit only for the servants of the devil.

The 1970’s

The other thing that has provoked my ire is the fact that these old time celebs say that it was different back in the seventies, that attitudes to women were different and that sexism was rife, it was more socially acceptable to grope a young girl or a nice looking woman in the course of her job. This is a cop-out! Pure and simple. I grew up in the seventies and I can tell you that despite the carry on films and the humourous sex comedies of the ‘confessions’ series women were by and large not promiscuous. That most normal men would expect a hard slap in the face if they touched a woman’s bottom or groped her breasts, even if they were her boss and if they touched a teenager they could expect a black eye and broken nose from her father or toughest male relative.


As an ordinary working class young man I knew that you shouldn’t do these things.  Everyone knew it was wrong and after working hard to better myself I would never have put my position and reputation at risk by doing something stupid like groping a woman. Despite the decades of feminism and the advancement of equal rights I’m of the opinion that it’s easier to do these things today than it was back then in the seventies due to the increased familiarity that our modern times has brought us. This is wholly different than the acceptance that a culture may have built up at the BBC in which women and young girls were treated disrespectfully in which case the BBC is to blame which is probably the reason why they shelved the Newsnight film which investigated the allegations about Jimmy Savile.


Back in the seventies the pedophiles of the day were known as ‘child molesters’’ and socially reviled in a way that they aren’t today.  That’s because ‘pedophile’ meant something different back then. A pedophile hankered after prepubescent children, the ‘dirty old men’ (another seventies term) that chased after under-age teenagers were known as sex offenders, either way, nobody wanted to know a pedophile, a dirty old man or a sex offender. Nobody wanted to enjoy the company of any of the aforementioned types (this is still true today), which is why I find it hard to believe that a celebrity culture of sexually abusing under age teenagers could arise within the BBC or the media world. It increasingly looks like something did arise though and I personally think that it was a culture of psychopathy.


Jimmy Savile is on record as saying that he didn’t understand love and to be fair most psychopaths don’t. They have no way of feeling the emotions that we feel. They get kicks from being in positions of power and naturally gravitate to positions where they can exercise that power whether that’s climbing the ranks in the BBC, the police force or public service.


They don’t understand your feelings and your feelings don’t matter to them they only understand their own gratifications and as such tend to be very materialistic, have little truck with religion and under no circumstances will they take any responsibility for things that go wrong under their watch.


They tend to put in place systems of power that encourage ordinary people to become just like them or weed out the one’s that are unwilling to be brutal, ruthless and uncaring in the pursuit of their duties. The result being of course that they populate their organisations or companies with people just like them and if the head honcho enjoys abusing young girls to get his power kick then you can rest assured that there’s other people just like him nearby who in their attempts to impress the boss and as such gain more power will be just like him.


Does this sound like the banking industry, the country’s bureaucracy, politics in general or even your place of work. Sociopathy!


This is why the BBC is less than enthusiastic about investigating too deeply. This is why the police mounted a cover up over the Hillsborough disaster. This is why the family of Ian Tomlinson have not had anything close to justice. This why the police uses cretinous tactics like kettling in their crowd control duties. It’s why people in Greece are starving as their government introduces austerity measures that they know won’t work. The balance sheet is more important than human lives for this type of person, it’s also the reason why human history is littered with warfare and these wars are recorded as great events, not sad events which of course they are. It’s because the person who made it that way is a sociopath which is synonymous with psychopath.


Some psychopaths kill people illegally, others tend to do it with the full weight of the law on their side or from within a protected environment. ‘Rules are Rules, Business is Business, Nobody Will Believe you!’ they might cry, but the result is the same. Jimmy Savile was not the boss in his circle, it looks like some powerful people have been trying to protect him, even after his death, the only possible reason for which is that if Jimmy Savile’s crimes are brought to light the trail will inevitably lead to someone else, then someone else and then finally Mr Big!


You can rest assured right now, that the other sociopaths that participated in the abuse are now trying to destroy evidence, silence witnesses and cover up their crimes or even seeking to displace blame to someone else who may be wholly innocent. A trusted lieutenant who has no knowledge of his bosses true nature as an abuser perhaps.


The Plain Truth

The plain truth is that nothing we can do now can bring justice to Jimmy Savile, the man is dead and despite the rumours, the cover ups, the threats about affecting charities, and people claiming that they somehow knew but didn’t act, there is no changing the fact that he got away with it.


He went to his grave untouched by the long arm of the law and that’s why all of our rage today is impotent. There is no justice for his victims and all that we do now in terms of removing honours, destroying gravestones and digging up his plot is utterly futile.


We should turn our rage and scrutineer those people in his circle of trust some of which may be his fellow abusers along with those who really did know about the abuse and failed to act (not the ones that heard rumours and dismissed them but the one’s that truly knew), many of whom are still alive and as such can be brought to justice.


It’s time to begin the war against psychopathy, the stakes are great and it may be difficult, but if we win the war our society will be enriched, the division of wealth will be fairer and we will be less likely to be involved in foreign wars that are not of our choosing.

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