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Is enlightenment desirable and why?

Enlightenment is the opposite of madness. Madness is the belief that the world and it’s conditions are permanent and real and that you are some sort of powerless individual that life just pushes around.

Enlightenment reveals to you that all things, events, conditions and personalities are part of a greater spirit that despite appearances is actually at play.

Enlightenment reveals that we’re all one and that we can transcend this madness and sit outside of it to be with ourselves and at peace with everything.

Enlightenment makes you realise that all actions, events and conditions are actually unimportant when measured against eternity and that eternity is happening now. Time does not exist, only the present moment exists and the perception of time’s arrow is merely entropy at work in the wider universe.

Enlightenment reveals to you that the limit of your being doesn’t stop at your skin, it starts at it. The limit of your being is the entire universe. You are it, quite literally. You are all that there is. You are made from the same stuff as it and are not separate to it. You depend upon it for sustenance and it requires you to observe it. You are one the same. The same, the very same. You are the entire universe in the same way that a wave is the entire ocean.

Enlightenment reveals that giving up attachments to all things, places, possessions and events does not make you empty, but rather it fills you with bliss.
Enlightenment makes a mockery of the ‘meaning of life’ question as you soon realise that you are not required to do anything other than exist, and even that is optional. You had no choice, you had to be born, other than that do what you like, you can set yourself free.

Enlightenment makes a mockery of religion too, as God is everywhere around you, beneath your feet, to your left, to your right, above you, and when you look in the mirror you see God in your reflection. You are God, because you are the entire universe, as indeed so is everything else.

Enlightenment also teaches you that there’s no such thing as an experience of nothing, consciousness cannot be obliterated, because it’s everywhere. Your persona is merely a point of identity that floats in a sea of conciousness that is as big as the universe. The origin of psychic powers is now pretty obvious. This means that when you die, your persona will will either transcend it’s attachments or it will pop up again somewhere within the wider universe, it might even rest for a while in a spiritual realm, who knows, but ultimately this is unimportant as life is all about contrast and the true nature of reality and your place within it can be summed up by duality.

You have a rich inner nature that you can control completely in contrast to the outer world which offers limited control.

A material world, implies a corresponding non material counterpart in the same way that male implies female, one is meaningless without the other.
God ‘everywhere’ implies God ‘somewhere’ hence a ‘God head’ or a centre to divinity which in turn implies divinity everywhere and nowhere in particular.Limited implies limitless, both of which are your nature at the same time.

Matter cannot observe itself, so matter implies mind, one without the other is valueless.

Enlightenment also teaches you that there’s no such thing as evil and that morality is subjective. There is ‘good’ and there is ‘not good’, in much the same way that dark is not a force in itself, but merely the absence of light. There is God and there is ‘not God’. That’s all there is to it.

Am I enlightened? Perhaps a little bit, but not nearly enough, as enlightenment teaches you that there is always more to learn.

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