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Is philosophy just a way for hyper-intelligent philosophers to justify their worldviews, while simultaneously imposing it on other hyper-intelligent people?

Philosophy is for everyone, not just the hyper-intelligent. If you consider the beginnings of philosophy in ancient Greece and Rome, you will note that philosophy was discussed everywhere including the marketplaces and porches outside of buildings.

Yes, people actually discussed philosophy when buying their vegetables…

The truth about philosophy is that everyone has one, whether they realise it or not, most people go through life with a philosophy that they’ve cobbled together from lots of different influences in their lives over time.

Sadly this isn’t always healthy as values can often conflict and cause that person unhappiness and stress when those disparate values collide.

When the chips are down and your back is up against the wall, it can be hard to know what is right or good and which is the best path to take in life, so thank God that philosophers of all types have spent entire lifetimes answering these most difficult of questions, questions that are common to us all, with answers predicated upon the idea that it is possible and noble to live a good life.

How that good life is achieved varies from one philosophical school to another, so read up on them all and choose a philosophy that suits your temperament and dispositions and go for it. There are no wrong answers in philosophy, only answers that align well with others to create a philosophical school of thought and discipline, so choose one that you like and encompass it into your being, when you understand it fully you will also be able to add to it and develop the philosophical school further (if you are so minded) giving you an opportunity to pass your wisdom on to future generations. This in itself may well be a good enough life you.

In any case philosophy is a joy to behold and should be taught to eager young minds in our school system because philosophy prepares you for the real world that exists outside of the school system in a way that no other system of thought can.

It teaches you that you can be happy regardless of what life can throw at you and that you can live life on your own terms no matter what.

What can be greater than that?

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