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Is there a universal meaning of life?

There is one and that is simply to exist.

Anything other and beyond that can at best only be a personal meaning to life or one that is wildly adopted by your peer group (i.e. members of a church or spiritual group.)

The more people involved in the meaning of life, the further from the truth it is going to be. This is why organised religions are without doubt always wrong.

If you believe in God you need to consider that God may well be a purposeless being that has made a purpose for himself in creating in the universe in the same way that I might make a model aircraft to take away my existential boredom for a few hours.

After all if God is not purposeless, that can only be as a result of some other being giving him purpose.

If you don’t believe in God then you have to agree that the universe itself is purposeless and that life has no implicit meaning or value other than what you can give it.

So in both cases the meaning of life is simply to exist. It might sound depressing or overly simplistic but it’s the same purpose that the entire universe has and it’s creator.

So in other words simply find time to be yourself and exist. You have no other choice.

‘I exist therefore I am,’


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