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King Blair and the ‘Leaders Club’

I’m really shocked now, just found out this morning that ‘king Blair as I like to call him wants to create a leaders club with him and other former world leaders in it.


I assume that not all former world leaders will qualify for membership of the club though.  When Vladimir Putin steps down I can’t see him having an invite (given what’s going on in Ukraine at the moment) but I bet that George Bush would be in the club.


‘King Blair says that it would be a really useful organisation designed to help governments by providing sound advice to serving leaders…


The thing is though, that Tony is no longer in office and there’s plenty of ‘Leader’s Clubs’ out there (Bilderberg anyone) that already advise governments and offer ‘talking shop facilities’ where leaders can discuss things in private away from those pestilent members of the public that would like to know what their elected representatives are up too, nosey bastards!


Fancy that, an ordinary member of the public, wanting to know what these guys get up to?


The ******* cheek of it!


He’s also been recently attributed as saying that ‘democracy is unimportant’ and that he’d like to keep on going until he’s ninety one…


He doesn’t understand why people ‘expect him to stop and spend his time playing golf’.


Start The Rant!


Let me break it down for you Tony as you don’t seem to be getting it.


Most people think you’ve led the country into a foreign war without full legal support and in order to do so that you’ve lied to the country.


Not only that, the same people allege that you’ve damaged our nation’s standing in the world you were widely seen as ‘George Bush’s poodle,’ and not your own man.


Not only that, but in opposition you were asked for your views on ‘God’ and told us that you didn’t do God.  Later on after you got elected we found out that not only did you ‘do God’, but you did ‘God’ in a really big way.


A man who is prepared to lie about his faith in order to get into office, doesn’t deserve to be in office, but that’s just my opinion.


Amazingly none of us are impressed by you and George’s joint awarding of the Nobel Prize for peace in the wake of the Iraq War.  We suspect that it was fiddled in order to give you and George some sort of ‘halo’ effect after the war, a bit like McDonalds being the only restaurant available in the Olympics…


Because we all know that nothing goes together better than world class athletes and burgers or carpet bombing an already ruined country (thanks George’s dad) into the ******* stone age.


So we return to the leaders club.


I can’t help but think that when Tony mentions ‘giving’ advice, he really means ‘influencing events’.


Now I can’t think of anything worse for any serving prime minister or world leader but to have yet another club (Bilderberg anyone) with the likes of Tony in it being on hand (breathing down the phone) whenever the prime minister of the day is dealing with a national crisis.


Remember the backlash when it was revealed that Tony Blair was in the running for the first ever president of Europe.  


He was ‘c*ck on’ for the job in Europe and had the support of most western world leaders despite the fact that no one in Europe below the level of an EU Commissioner knew anything about the selection process or the candidates.


We were all really surprised to say the least that after a few years of relative quiet being a middle east peace envoy (the irony) suddenly this man, our Tony, could be the ******* President of Europe.


It is true that Tony Blair would stop the traffic arriving in any city with his motorcade in much the same way that George Bush did or Barack Obama currently does in America.  He’s clearly a man of immense power and influence and that’s why this has to be stopped at all costs.


Men of power and influence love being powerful and influential, that’s what they really want.


Tony cant think of doing anything else, he does what he loves, that’s why he doesn’t want to retire.  


Compare that to the rest of us that endure the daily grind to get by on s**t pay, in s**t conditions with absolutely zero job security thanks to ‘the markets’ and you can see why given half the chance we’d all retire today if we could.


So please Tony, go and have another go on that golf course and for ***** sake, please stay there…

*Drops the Mic…


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