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Mysticism: Instant manifestations? Are they real or are they just weird coincidences?

Sadly they are just coincidences. There is no such thing as mind over matter, there is only mind and matter. Both are separate expressions of one thing, like two different sides of the same coin.

Don’t waste your life visualising to get things as your mind cannot manifest anything out of ‘thin air.’

At best new age ideas like visualisation are merely motivational tools, are worst they are flat out lies.

It’s not possible to visualise/manifest into existence a nice new house, a new mercedes, a leather couch, a swimming pool and an ideal lover to share it all with.

It is however, possible to work and get all of these things.

Work brings results, visualisation and all of that other new age tripe does not.

If you want anything in life work to get it, you have a physical body, that does physical things to get a physical result. The mind works that body to get what you want.

Mind is not and cannot ever be ‘prime’ i.e. the creator of matter and material things. Matter takes energy to move about. Physicists tell us that ‘energy,’ is simply other matter that is moving.

Physical actions lead to physical results, in other words if you want stuff you have to work to get it.

Any other type of belief advocated by the new age crowd that says otherwise is harmful, delusional and plain wrong.

We’ve all had the experience of thinking of a friend or a loved one, only for the phone to ring and it be that person on the phone. We think wow what an amazing coincidence, I thought of Jim and as soon as I did so, Jim rang me up on my phone. Incredible (instant manifestation).

We fail to recognise the vast number of times that we’ve thought of Jim when nothing happened. He didn’t call us on the phone or contact us in any way shape or form or even think of us.

This is an example of cognitive bias.

Don’t fall into the trap of mixing up mysticism which is the realisation that all things are ultimately one thing, with these new age ideas that mind is prime (a corrupted form of idealism) which can manifest into existence consumer goods. It’s just plain wrong.

The mind can however sense and see opportunities to help you fulfil your goals which is why correct motivation can put you in the right spot at the right time, but in essence this is simply the same as a person who, when desiring an apple, absentmindedly wanders into an orchard.

People who peddle this stuff are also delusional, misguided or sometimes plain old charlatans and crooks. You should never trust anyone who’s written a book that goes along the lines of:

  1. I was poor.
  2. I wrote a book telling people how they could instantly manifest everything that they wanted.
  3. Now I am rich.

That’s about 99% of the ‘Think it, Want It, Do it,’ industry…

Edit: Also this type of thinking leads to very bad mental health issues when things don’t manifest, as people blame themselves and their ‘bad mind’ for their continuing poverty and lack of success.

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