The miscellaneous writings of Mark Bridgeman

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Without God or some other divine source of morality, what is the point of being good to anyone or anything else?

How do I forget my desire?

I accepted the fact that there is no God. What do I do now?

Can we purposely dream of the afterlife if it really exists to prepare for it?

Flames as Water

The being in the void…

Have you ever heard God audibly speak to you?

Virtue Signalling Celebs

A Coloured Horse in it’s stable

My Friend and his Horse

I’ll have to take it again you blinked!

The Piano Player

Art Decor Chessboard in Black and White

Will my life repeat when I die?

Snow Globe Bulb

Is it a valid argument that you should be happy with your life because there are people who are much worse off than you?

People claim, often after a spiritual awakening, that we are all connected and everything is one. What is your understanding of this concept?

Do you believe in karma? Does karma happen to everyone?

How can I start believing in God again?

Is your God hiding? Why?

The Left and Right’s of British Politics

Diets and Death

Ewww are you EU in or EU out!

Are we really free?

How do we know if the world we are living in is reality?

Can a perfect being create imperfect beings?

Is enlightenment desirable and why?


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