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People claim, often after a spiritual awakening, that we are all connected and everything is one. What is your understanding of this concept?

I was recently asked this on Quora, the answer follows.

That one is pretty easy for a mystic as it’s a core and fundamental part of all mysticism everywhere.

It’s like this, we’ve been taught from a young age to objectify everything we see, an example being a typical tea cup, we will want to know what makes the cup what it is and will ask questions such as ‘is it made from porcelain or clay?’

‘Is it fired, glazed, or painted?’

‘Is the clay made of smaller things like molecules and atoms and point particles that are subatomic.?’

You see, we treat everything that is beyond our own skin as an external object that we then reduce to it’s component parts. When you do this you find nothing, just point like particles dancing in a void and that we’re led to believe is reality.

The mystic or spiritually awakened turn this on it’s head by zooming out to the scale of the entire universe. At this point it can be seen as one thing, that is made up of smaller parts that aggregate into the whole. These smaller parts might be galaxies, solar systems, planets and the organisms that live on those planets but when they are combined they not only make up the whole thing, they are the whole thing and are fundamentally essential to it.

The spiritually awakened look from the outside in, not the inside out. If you look from the outside at yourself one of the things that becomes apparent is that you are the entire universe doing whatever you are doing in the place that you are doing it.

You are made from the same stuff as the universe, you are not separate to it at all, everyday you shed atoms and you gain a few more, so you can’t claim ownership of your body, it doesn’t belong to you, you can’t stop the process of gaining and shedding atoms, which is why you can’t claim ownership of your body. It’s just matter that is aggregating around your particular pattern of awareness.

You are a pattern in the cosmos, which is itself made up of lots of patterns that feed into or are smaller parts of a larger pattern all of which were generated at the beginning of time in the big bang.

At the moment of the big bang you were created, all events and patterns and matter came into being and unfolded as it should and is still doing so today, the big bang hasn’t stopped, the universe continues to expand and patterns keep on replicating themselves throughout nature and eternity (think of sacred geometry).

If you think on this for long enough you will eventually understand that this means the you had no choice but to exist, the forces that led to your existence were set in motion at the big bang and culminated in your birth. In other words you are the big bang doing whatever it is the you are doing in the place that you call here and now. The entire universe is all one thing.

Another way of thinking of it is that each one of us is a different face of an impossibly large diamond, we might all present different appearances but the diamond is one thing, in much the same way that a wave is the entire ocean wherever the wave is and a cloud is the entire sky where the cloud happens to be.

What is true for the physical is also true for the nonphysical, all of our minds may present different qualities, but they too are just one thing. This one thing has traditionally been called God, but the name or the label is unimportant as it’s just the pattern of the cosmos in awareness in much the same way that all matter is the pattern of the cosmos in material form.

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