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Questions and Answers: Is the Universe a dream?

I think that life is a dream, albeit with more consistency than your night time adventures, but it’s a dream nevertheless.

Here’s some things to think about:

Your five senses do not make reality.  Perception begins and ends in your mind.  In other words you see, hear, taste or feel absolutely nothing, they are just electrical impulses going to the brain but you experience a model of reality within your mind that transcends this.


The only thing that you can reliably prove is that you exist.  All other things may be a fiction of your mind (including those electrical impulses and all other physical laws).

This (solipsism) is equally true whether you are awake or asleep and dreaming.

Remember a time when you set of to do something new in your life and everything just ‘fell into place.’  You might have met new people who were able to help you with your goals or put you in touch with someone who could.  I find this to be suspicious to say the least.  Synchronicity and coincidence are both equally absurd but it happens.

We’ve all experienced this at least once in our life and I’m really distrustful of it to say the least, because it implies that reality is determined by your mind and your inner true (not superficial) desires.

That people can set an intention and over time their circumstances subtly change to facilitate that desire is also incredibly suspicious and contrary to our present understanding of physical laws, yet somehow or other it happens, whether that’s a new job, meeting new types of people or changing your direction in life.   You set your intention and things just happen.

That the understanding of physical laws are always true to whatever  the scientific consensus of the day is.  When people challenge this orthodoxy they come up with a new theory, supported by ‘observations’ (which may also be a mental fiction) and create a new consensus which is then suddenly true.

That’s just objective reality you might think, but is it?  Could it be that reality changes to fit whatever working theory we happen to hold as a consensus.

Again this could just be a fiction of the mind that we all agree is true.

You come up with the theory and eventually you find that it is true.

Garbage in, Garbage out!

Could it be that our wakeful universe is the combined output of all of our minds overlapping to achieve consistency.  That would explain why it’s crazy out there, because it’s crazy in here…

I’m mindful of the lone wolf scientists that claim to be able to turn energy in matter and vice versa in a type of modern day alchemy or that they can solve the world’s energy problems with a perpetual motion machine.

It might be true for them but when colliding with an agreed upon consensus of the mind (reality) it doesn’t work.  Mid Nineties Cold Fusion anyone!

I’m also thinking of all of the world religions out there, none of which make any sense at all but the adherents of which believe that they are true and eternal gateways to the afterlife.

Is the afterlife another type of dream an eternal dream perhaps.

Dream experiences are less consistent except for one things, other people’s reactions.  When I meet people whilst dreaming they behave consistently with a full strength of personality that to my mind is exactly the same as meeting a new person in the waking life.

I could be the greatest script writer in the world and I wouldn’t be able to create natural and authentic reactions like that.  I could be the world’s most talented writer and my writing and staging would still be a poor imposter to the authentic behaviour of people in the waking world and the dream world.

Other people in dreams might be real and your dreams may be a shared mental space.  If that’s true of dreams, then the next question must be “is that equally true of the so called ‘waking’ reality we all enjoy.”

Dreaming purposefully.

Furthermore in my observations over the years, I frequently see dream-scapes and random vistas when closing my eyes to meditate or if I am tired and trying to sleep.

I’m awake and concious but dreaming at the same time, open your eyes and the dreams are gone, close them again and they are back.  It’s fun to watch these dreams as they come along and as they change, though importantly I am not asleep, just tired or very relaxed so these are not lucid dreams as such.

I have since formed the belief that the dreaming happens all of the time, we dream when we are sleeping but when we awaken we keep on dreaming but we don’t sense or perceive these dreams as our conciousness is awash with our waking awareness, but the dreams are still happening.

The Dreaming God

I have the sneaking suspicion that these dreams somehow throw out or generate the events that make up our waking reality.  I have named this percieved aspect of conciousness ‘The Dreaming God’ and have come to believe that we all contain a dreaming god, the dreams of which shape our reality making it the engine of our experience.

The universe seems to be a mirror, in order to know what you are you must be presented with examples of what you are not.  Otherwise definition and meaning are impossible.

Black implies white, tall implies short, male implies female, straight implies gay.  One without the other is meaningless.

The universe is very good at showing us what we are not, without which it would be impossible for us to know what we are…

It may well be that we’re all God pretending that we’re not god, that the universe is indeed a grand thought or simply the dream of God and that God is the Dreaming God within all of us.

Marius The Dreamer.

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