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Snow and bin bags

One inch, one fucking inch of snow and no bins collected, I mean what’s wrong with this country, you don’t see rubbish piled high in Sweden or Norway when they have their winter snows.  I wouldn’t mind but this time around they’ve had over three weeks warning!


That’s right they knew in advance that the snow was coming and that for most of the country it would be heavy.  Everybody else had a least a foot, but here in Llanelli most of us had an inch.  That’s all.  One fucking inch and somehow the bins don’t get collected.  Sorry to repeat myself but that is a staggering fact.  All of the roads were open and clear and people were getting about normally despite the incredibly bad driving of some people driving around without the lights on in their heads…   Fucking twats!


On the subject of winter driving, I notice that it’s usually women with kids in the cars that cause the pileups!  Either their kids are especially annoying and are a dangerous distraction or they simply don’t give a shit about anybody else’s kids as long as theirs are safe.  I’m inclined to believe it’s the latter one as I’ve seen women do the school run.  I’ve seen the laser beam focus and single mindedness of purpose that sent men to the men and people up Mount Everest in their eyes as they zip through traffic ignoring rights of way, utterly determined to squeeze their car through any gap to achieve their objective even if you are in that gap.


In the interest of balance and being non sexist men may also be like this when doing the school run but nobody knows for sure as we’re usually in bed or in work when this happens.


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