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Snow Globe Bulb

I quite like doing montages like this.  I had a dark board for the background, asked my wife to hold the lightbulb in front of it and then took a couple of photos of her holding the bulb.  I set the camera to an f-stop of 4.5 and took the photos at 1/60 of a second, with a focal length of 35mm.  As for ISO I just set that to auto and let the camera do it’s thing as the setting was well lit and I wanted good levels of detail on the bulb and my wife’s hand without any clipping or blown areas.

A photograph of my wife holding a lightbulb in her hand in front of a dark background.

1/60 Second, F-stop 4.5, 35mm, ISO Auto.

Whilst out walking I came across a scary looking winter tree at a distance I photographed that then the hard work began.

A well lit scary looking tree against a blue sky on top of a small rise

Photo of a scary tree taking at 1/250 second, F8, ISO 100, 55mm

I was a little bit unlucky and thoughtless in the sense that I had a shadow of the bulb and the hand in the dark background of the picture so I used photoshop to clone that out and remove it completely as I felt that it was stealing focus.

Using the amended image as the base layer I then placed the tree picture on top of it in an new layer and removed the surrounding sky and surroundings from the tree, leaving a simple trunk to serve as the filament for my bulb.

I duplicated the layer with the tree in it and then painted it white so that it would look like there’s some snow on the tree as well as making the scene look colder.

I was very careful to keep the reflection of the lights in the glass exterior of the bulb so that the picture wouldn’t look flat.  I added some noise to the picture for snow (in a separate layer) then blurred it (Gaussian Blur) to make it look wet and snow storm like.

The actual processing of the image involved a fair bit of cloning to remove parts of the filament that I didn’t want to be seen in and around the tree which was quite delicate work but enjoyable none the less.

A wintery looking snow globe in a light bulb

Tools Used:  Canon Eos 100D – 18-54mm Lens

Adobe Photoshop for post processing.


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