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Suffering and Weakness.

It’s been quite a while since my last post on this site, that’s because I’ve been taking a deep dive into the world of C# and .net frameworks this year in order to further push the limits of my web development career.

It’s been tremendous fun and really satisfying to push my commercial value even higher by learning more things, but deep dives into the world of the work distract from the primary mission that we souls have in this world and that is spiritual growth and the flowering of our inner goodness.

I’ve recently been asked on Quora for an answer to this particular question…

“What should I do if my congregation wants me to step down for being a very poor representation of God, being disobedient and sinning against God? How can I continue teaching them if I myself is not even leading by example?”

Being mindful of the fact that I’ve never been a real preacher having the duties and responsibilities of looking after a congregation I still felt that it would beneficial to answer.  I could sense through the question a soul in trouble, grappling with the slippery issues of right and wrong with regards to our service to God.

I hope my answer helped, if not it’s certainly sincere…

I don’t know your exact circumstances so I’ll have to offer a generic answer. Remind your congregation that God is the most loving, caring, forgiving and noble being that we can imagine. Being able to imagine such love and compassion we now have a standard to measure ourselves against and we all come up short. Only God is good.

If it’s possible I would also confess my sins to the congregation and ask forgiveness. This is not an easy thing to do but it certainly helps cleanse the soul. Catharsis takes away your burdens and brings peace to your heart. Next, you need to ask yourself if you are overly attached to your ministry. God might have other plans for you that involve leaving your present position and moving on to a greater one in which the wisdom of recent experiences will be beneficial. If we love God and want to serve him, then we need to be willing to follow God wherever he leads.

Following God Is an incredibly difficult thing to do and always, without fail leads to suffering and the experience of weakness. Nevertheless, suffering and weakness are good for the soul, when the lessons of suffering are learned correctly, a more loving and compassionate being you become. Suffering pushes you closer up the divine scale of goodness towards the absolute standard of good that we can imagine which is God, which is why suffering and hardship is a necessary part of God’s plan.

Our mission on earth is to turn it into heaven when it could so easily become hell.

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