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Why do people still place so much faith in God when it is clear that it is not interested in helping humanity? Why do they still believe God is a force for good?

What is your response on the philosophical problem of evil or pain and suffering of the world posed by many non-theist?

Am I stupid for believing in God? (In the Christian sense)? Particularly when there is no hard evidence.

Epiphany on Forgiveness

How is it that people can’t fathom the difference and validity between “a god” and “God” and insist on merging questions and desecrating these two concepts that are worlds apart?

What did you do when you realized you were God?

Why did you choose to be a mystic?

What is your personal theology?

What do we mean when we name reality ‘God’?

How much mystical philosophy should I know?

How come most Christians that I personally speak with understand very little about what they read in the Bible, and refuse to say or claim that God is part evil?

As a theist, how do you react if your god told you to abandon your holy book?

Is mysticism real?

Is there a universal meaning of life?

What is life? What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose behind our lives?

Have you ever heard God audibly speak to you?

My Friend and his Horse

Is your God hiding? Why?

Can a perfect being create imperfect beings?

In the next five minutes I am going to prove to you that God exists, with the following five facts.

Why Did God Make Such a Vast Universe

You are not…

The Soul is Like Water

What are The Gifts of The Spirit

The fact that Innocent People suffer implies that God does not care. Is this true?

You are an Avatar

The Experience and the Expression of God


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