The miscellaneous writings of Mark Bridgeman


Questions and Answers

What purpose do I play in the universe?

Why do enlightened people say that we are one with everything?

Mysticism: Instant manifestations? Are they real or are they just weird coincidences?

How to use philosophy to deal with bad OCD and anxiety

Is there a universal meaning of life?

What is life? What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose behind our lives?

What happens after you die? What is death to you?

Without God or some other divine source of morality, what is the point of being good to anyone or anything else?

How do I forget my desire?

I accepted the fact that there is no God. What do I do now?

Have you ever heard God audibly speak to you?

Will my life repeat when I die?

People claim, often after a spiritual awakening, that we are all connected and everything is one. What is your understanding of this concept?

Can a perfect being create imperfect beings?

What is Mysticism?

How do mystics experience the world?

Questions and Answers: What would happen in the afterlife to a person who intentionally did wrong to so many others?

Why Did God Make Such a Vast Universe

The fact that Innocent People suffer implies that God does not care. Is this true?

Why does my past haunt me?

Why do I see myself as being different to others?

Where is God?


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