The miscellaneous writings of Mark Bridgeman


The Meaning of Life

We’re all one thing.

Low Tide Mark

How do you cope with eternal nothingness after death?

Why do philosophers and scientists exaggerate with trying to find answer for everything like: “why do we die”?

What purpose do I play in the universe?

Is there a universal meaning of life?

What is life? What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose behind our lives?

I accepted the fact that there is no God. What do I do now?

Will my life repeat when I die?

The Universe is alive and it’s all you.

Why Did God Make Such a Vast Universe

Everything that you own will belong to someone else…

The fact that Innocent People suffer implies that God does not care. Is this true?

The Permanence of Circumstances.

Why you are here

The Meaning of Your Life

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