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That’s Sad That Is!

I was talking to some people recently that I kind of know from work.  We got on to the subject of happiness and everlasting joy…


As you all should know by now I am full of everlasting joy!


One of the group asked me what my idea of heaven was.  I replied that it was a large house with a cat in every room.  


‘That’s sad that is,’ came the reply.  


‘Sad, what’s so sad about liking cats?’ I spluttered…


Cheeky fucker!


What made that guy the judge of what is cool and what is sad!


What about people who walk dogs down the beach in summertime and don’t clean up the shit, are they cool or are they sad?  What about those sad bastards that sit in huts mastubating over birds (twitching they call it – great tit references aside).  They enjoy ogling our feathered friends, I myself find it incredibly boring, so much so that I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than go birdwatching or trainspotting.  However I don’t deem these pastimes to be sad or uncool or indeed anything special, I understand that everybody is different and like doing their own thing.  Yet somewhere some cheeky egotistical fucker has started the ball rolling by calling his activities cool and others sad in an attempt to make everyone else join in with him and like his stuff, whilst they dislike other people’s stuff.  Am I making any sense?  Is there any difference between the cool and the saddos of this world?


I don’t have to look far to see things that others might think are uncool, what about video gamers are they cool?  What about roleplayers, are they cool? Obviously not!  What about those poor fuckers with the rubber swords?  The Live Action Role Players are they cool?  Certainly not.  Not to mention the historical reenactment freaks that essentially are the same as the LARPS’s but do it in a historical context of no elves, dwarves or dragons, but with real dates and accurate costumes of real battles.  Are they cool, are they sad?  Slightly less sad than the LARPS apparently as they are doing something based on someone’s’ interpretation of something that may or may not have happened years ago.


The one thing they’ve all got in common though is that they are having fun.  So what makes one man’s fun more worthy than another man’s fun?  


Because someone, somewhere years ago decided that it wasn’t cool.  That dear friends is what makes me so fucking angry, in a nutshell someone years ago decided that what they did was cool and that everyone by definition was uncool and the dumb fucks went along with it.  


Conversely others tried to make their thing cool, but the overwhelming opinion of the majority was that they were still uncool, the best they could hope for was to be ‘chic’.


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