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The Age of Aquarius

Forbidden Fruit!

When I was a kid growing up the odd person would occasionally mention ‘The Age of Aquarius’ and how when it came along it would change the entire nature of our society, resulting in a cleaner, newer, better world for us all.


There was even a song about it in the 70’s…


They were usually nuts, complete nut jobs that didn’t believe in the talking snake and the nude white couple that lived in God’s botanical garden (no dome apparently).  These nutters often looked like Peters and Lee.  


That’s all that I remember.  


I was a child then…


We’d all look at them aghast as they told us it was all wrong.  


It was so obvious…


It all made perfect sense, how Adam was made from dust.  


Eve was made eve out of a rib and that God made all of the other animals but let Adam name them.


Apparently Eve was allowed to pick the colours.


Eventually though, things went ‘t*** up’ and not in a good way.  


Adam was a complete s*** and let Eve take the blame when a real man would have stood up to God and told him it was his fault for leaving the forbidden tree lying around in the first place.


It’s like leaving a cannabis plant in a garden full of teenagers…


If God had kept his big trap shut and not mentioned it, nobody would have cared.


It’s like saying to your pc repair man, ‘don’t look at my porn history…’


Later on that led to the old testament prophets and the most amazing confidence trick in history when an old man went up a mountain on his own and came back down with two stones full of commands that ‘God’ carved in lightning.  


Everybody believed him.  Was he Paul McKenna?  Did he hypnotise them all?


Derren Brown couldn’t have pulled that of, and he’s the greatest mentalist ever…


Ancient israelites were thick


I’m not even going to get into the Jesus stuff.  He was like Las Vegas when compared to Porthcawl…


More Nuts…

According to some people the dawning of the Age Of Aquarius has been and gone, should have started in 2012 and the world that we find ourselves in seems to be falling apart at the seams.  Though we’re lucky though that there’s mystics amongst us as ‘warriors of light’ fighting to turn the tide and create harmony wherever they go.


On the face of it though, there’s not much harmony going around on a global scale.  Have the warriors of light been unsuccessful or are they simply full of ****.


Why are we not yet moving into this new era of peace, love and openness (PLO) but when it comes we’ll be kindy giving benevolently (KGB) and humanely archiving momentous accomplishments sustainably (HAMAS).  


In the Age of Aquarius we’ll be intuitively sensing individual souls (ISIS) and have a raft of psychic powers that will only serve to make us tender, attractive, loving, individuals, beautiful and naked (TALIBAN).


As I say, perhaps we’re lucky that it’s not happening on a global scale yet…


Why am I banging on about this stuff?


I have the values of a hippy, the heart of a poet and the soul of a philosopher.

I don’t give a s**t about money.


Like many people before me I have over a long period of time become aware of a great spirit that not only saturates the entire universe but is in fact the universe, both it’s spiritual and material component.  It is the entirety of all creation.


I have learned that I am but a tiny point of identity within this spirit and that in a higher dimension we are all one being.


I have learned that I am not my thoughts, they are just things that happen to me and that everyone is beautiful because we’re all unique.

For me the Age of Aquarius has arrived.  I hope it does soon for you too.


To put it mildly I now like Peters and Lee and don’t believe in the talking snake and the naked white folk in the garden.


Buenos Dias.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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