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The being in the void…

I had a dream recently in which I was suspended amongst a vast expanse of blackness that seemingly went on forever.

Peppered amongst the eternal dark were a handful of stars, not enough to make the familiar pattern of the night sky, but sparse enough to one feel isolated and alone.

Except that I wasn’t alone, I was talking to a vast being that seemingly inhabited a swathe of sky directly in front of me.

He was male, spoke at length in rich melodic tones with flawless diction and I knew that I had known him for a timeless period of awareness. He was the void himself or a spirit or creature of the void, I do not know. He had no sides or shape, yet somehow occupied an area of space that was defined by nothing at all.

His voice came from nowhere and nothing, yet seemingly from directly in front of my floating awareness.

I know however that he was kind and all-knowing, indulgent of me and enjoyed our conversation the details of which I cannot remember. I do however remember that I had spoken with him at least once as a very young child and possibly many times since. This encounter brought back an earlier memory of me speaking with him at the age of four (possibly).

The remembrance of earlier times flooded back to me, stimulating my mind towards wakefulness. I tried my best to remember as much as I could rudely diverting my attention away from the being’s rich monologue that had until now captivated my attention.

It felt like I was abruptly leaving an elderly person who having not many visitors was enjoying the opportunity to talk and share his gentle wisdom.

“I’m sorry my friend, I didn’t mean to rude,” was my first waking thought, before I went over as many details of the dream as possible eagerly trying to imprint them all into my conscious awareness whilst there was still time.

I don’t know who the being in the void was, or even if he has a name. I do know however that I am grateful to know him and feel loved by the knowledge of his existence. I feel blessed.

Is he God? Is he an aspect of God? Is he an elemental being or something else entirely such as an ancient and powerful spirit, older than mankind, or as old as the stars?

Does he keep himself apart from us all like a recluse, or do we all know him, simply failing to remember our unconscious encounters with the being in the void?

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