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The fact that Innocent People suffer implies that God does not care. Is this true?

Not at all.  It’s a complicated debate but the only religion that has directly dealt with the issue of suffering is Buddhism.  It does that via the mechanism of reincarnation and of course Karma.

From a spiritual or mystic point of view in which we are all God, then it is obvious that if we hit, hurt or abuse another, we actually abuse ourselves.

If we raise the consciousness of another then we are all raised together.

It’s often been said that if you want to change the world you should at first change yourself.

Achieving one automatically achieves the other.

One aspect of the meaning of life is that we are put here to experience new things.  Whether those things are deemed good or bad by us are unimportant when measured across the span of eternity or individual lifetimes.  It’s just another learning experience for your immortal soul which is part of the greater soul that is within all of us.

All conditions are temporary, everything is changing around us, all things pass away including disease, abuse, war and all manner of pestilences.

Good times are to be treasured because they too are temporary, bad times to be accepted as they too are temporary.

Both good and bad times are learning experiences for the soul as indeed is every experience, even the mundane things that you do not think about like brushing your teeth or going to work.

All lessons end, even if that results in physical death.  You can live another life if you so choose, indeed it’s probably likely that you will as the cycle of death and life are intertwined, like opposite peaks and troughs of a wave in the ocean.

The wave rises and breaks, but the unseen forces of the great ocean generate another wave and another.  This goes on endlessly and you are all of those waves, every single one of them, except that you get to experience them all simultaneously as the God-Head and one at a time as the individual.

One implies the other.  In the same way that light implies dark and hot implies cold.  One without the other makes it all meaningless.

The meaning of life is simply to be alive.  That’s why we all have an urge to keep on experiencing it.   It might get depressed in some people due to their unique life circumstances but we’re all born with it and when we’re healthy we all feel it.

Some people refuse to accept the lessons of spirit that they’ve been given and in doing so their hateful conditions persist a little while longer until eventually the message seeps in and their conditions change to produce a new lesson for the soul.

You are both the abuser and the abused.  The lover and the loved.

If you choose to enrich yourself by doing something good for your fellow beings you will enrich us all.

If you feed a man, you feed us all.

If you act kindly towards another then we all benefit because we are one.

The great soul, the watching awareness that sits behind our thoughts and perceptions absorbs all things, all experiences and all events.  It is forever learning, experiencing and evolving.

What direction that you, we, I and it evolve in is up to you…


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