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The Glory of the Night Sky

I love looking at the night sky and the abundance of stars.  On a clear night, their visual brilliance fills me with awe.  I know that a lot of people feel the same way.

I think it’s because in some way or another we all understand that to look into the void is to look into yourself.

We’re all made from the same things, the same elements forged in stars that now exist as vital components to our bodies.

We arise up out of the universe in much the same way that flowers rise up out of the field.  We’re not separate to the universe, we’re actually a part of it, made from the same stuff in just the same way that the flower in the field is not actually separate to it but is an expression of it.

Human beings, indeed all beings wherever they may be in other galaxies, other universes or even other times entirely are also a natural expression of the universe.

To gaze up at the stars is to gaze into yourself in the knowledge that the rest of the universe gazes back at you, because they are you.  You and the universe are the same, just different forms of the same thing, the same root particle, the first atom.  We are all one.  The many faces of the same gemstone.  Individual but interconnected.

Don’t you feel special now?

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