The miscellaneous writings of Mark Bridgeman

The Nature of Suffering

Across the immense span of time, within a spirit as large as the entire universe because it is the entire universe there exists all things, all people, all places all events.  They are all the same.

We are all one.

You are the abuser and the victim.

The torturer and the tortured.

The healer and the patient

The God and the mortal.
You are all of these things right now, simultaneously.

You are all things, separation is an illusion.  We are all one…

If one individualised aspect of ourselves suffers then we all suffer.  If one is loved then we are all loved.  That’s the nature of spiritual progression and evolution of the soul.

Suffering whilst meaningful on the micro scale is meaningless on the macro scale.  Your unique aspect of this consciousness might live for hundreds of lives experiencing lots of different conditions and growing spiritually as you do so.

So what is one or two lives full of suffering when measured against eternity?

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