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The Permanence of Circumstances.

Nothing lasts forever or so it seems.

Many people think that this only applies to good things and that the default experience of humanity is one of bad things happening all of the time.  Yet all experiences are finite in nature.

Good times pass way as do the bad times, though for some reason many people live in an awareness that sees them deliberately extending the duration of unpleasant experiences.

All experiences are spiritual in nature.  They all teach you something and offer the possibility of soul growth.

What am I learning now?

In the midst of adversity or happiness the correct response is to work out what is it that you are learning now.

Some circumstances persist seemingly forever because most people simply refuse to accept the lesson.

They resist it and so it persists.

You cannot leave the class until the teacher is satisfied that you’ve learned the lesson of the day.

You’d be amazed by how much people resist this seemingly simple truth.  Even those people that have learned how to understand it.

So in the midst of unhappy circumstances such as illness or disease, poverty or suffering, work or family stresses you should take some time to think or meditate as to what it is you are learning now.

Your soul will know the truth and will make it known to you.  The more readily you are willing to accept the lessons of your situation the quicker those circumstances will change.

Living Magically

Once you’ve understood the lesson.  The lesson will end and a new one will begin.  Your circumstances will change as if by magic.

Let it be known that some people try to direct life.  This leads to a process of stress and frustration making the experience of life hard work.

It takes a lot of mental energy to bend the universe to your will, because there’s a lot of other competing ‘wills’ out there.

If you choose to go with the flow, do what your heart tells you to do right now, understanding the moment then life becomes an adventure, a mixture of surprise and joy.

Everyday becomes an eternity, like it was when you were a little child…

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