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The Piano Player

A wonderful picture of my wife playing her antique piano.  The piano is a much loved family Heirloom, originally owned by her grandmother (now sadly passed away).  It has a wonderful tone and sound that you just don’t hear any more.

Anyhow one night, not long after we had taken it into our home, I woke up in the middle of the night in the bedroom that was directly above it.  I could hear someone playing the piano, shock coursed through my body as my groggy mind realised that everyone else was asleep.

Anyhow picture stats are as follows:

Focal Length: 55m, F-11, Shutter speed 1/4 of a second.

In order to take this picture I had to mount the camera on a tripod and compose the scene via the camera’s viewing screen. In order to avoid camera shake I used a remote to trigger the shutter action and take the picture.

We had a nice warm original image that I really liked but I decided that mono-chrome would suit it better.  Black and white photography really is growing on me.  Black and white helps make all pictures art.

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