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The Soul is Like Water

Water is often used as the symbol of the soul and it’s easy to see why.  Water changes state depending on external conditions alternating between being a solid, a liquid and a gas.

Like the soul, water droplets also bind with other water droplets to form something bigger and much more impressive when you zoom out to a great distance.

A Drop In The Ocean

Our own unique and individualised soul would be a single drop, yet somehow it’s a part of a much larger ocean of God.  The sun acts upon the ocean to create steam which rises high into the sky as highly excited and energised molecules of water to once again form stunning looking clouds, being part of a much larger pattern of things despite being individualised.

When the vapour cools, the water falls upon the land and makes it’s way back to the sea.  They cycle of life, progression and development is complete, ready to begin again.

In this metaphor, the sea is not only God, but the totality of all things.  From the point of view of the droplet the sea is the entire universe, there is nothing else beyond it’s experience.

The cycle of evaporation is analogous to the formation of souls leaving God and rising and falling through a process in which they begin to believe that they are not God but individuals only to find that as they fall upon the land, trickle into streams and mighty rivers that they are part of a much greater whole.

The Eternal Cycle

Souls leave God pretending that they are not God,  in a cycle of learning, growth and experience that ultimately convinces them of this deliberate lie so that they come to believe that they are not God, before the process of reunification begins again in which they learn that they are God.

It’s interesting to note that the passage of water affects all of the land about it, shaping it as well as being shaped by the things it encounters in it’s journey of reconciliation with the mighty ocean.  This is analogous to experience and the lessons one learns when experiencing what it is to be alive.

The tiny drop of water is always in a position of experience.  New things happen to it in every passing moment.  It’s not possible for it to be still even in the most undisturbed of ponds there is always motion.

It’s not possible to have an experience of nothing.  Nature abhors a vacuum and consciousness is no different.  You will return to God and realise that you are God, only to further realise that there are others out there that do not yet believe that they too are God.

They need your help.  What needs to be done is obvious…


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