My name is mark, or Marius to some of my friends, why do I have two names?

That’s easy, like a lot of kids growing up I didn’t like my name, not the first name or the second.  You see, somebody else had assigned it to me, it didn’t suit me, not until I grew into it as I got a little bit older.  Eventually I came to like my name, but I often think that it doesn’t really suit me or represent what I am.

So the next question is simple.

If you had to pick a name for yourself what would it be?

Why is it important?

Because somehow or other your name becomes your identity and as such it shapes your personality.  If like me you believe that your personality has lived before then naturally enough any name that anyone else assigns to it isn’t going to fit.  You need to change your personality to get comfortable with it and in doing so make it a part of you.

Some people never manage to do so and end up changing their name sometime later on in life.  Changing their name to something that matches their personality makes a lot of sense, it ends mental conflict.   Changing your personality to match your name also makes a lot of sense, for exactly the same reasons.

Some people change other things too, like their gender identity in order to try and make their physical appearance and identity match that of their soul, again this is an attempt to end some inner conflict or turmoil and be as one with their one true self.

Souls are neither male or female, but can identify as such depending upon the nature of their energies and the lessons learned from previous lives on Earth.

This can be a powerful pull to a person in the flesh.  The pull or the direction of the soul is responsible for all sorts of creative human endeavors such as arts and music, writing, painting, philosophy, compassion and love and can affect a person so strongly as to cause mental conflicts and anguish if the pull of their body, their conscious mind, their cultural heritage conflicts with that of the soul.  A man, woman or child at conflict with their soul can never be happy.

That’s why you’ve just got to go with your gut feeling and your true intuition.  Follow the path of your soul and be yourself, even if that means changing yourself.  It might be painful to do so, but it will result in lasting happiness, even if you later think that you’ve made a mistake.  It will always lead to something good.  Compared to eternity though it’s all pretty much unimportant.  You will have infinite chances in infinite times to get it right so don’t rush to put pressure on yourself and force a change before it’s ready.

I have often felt that we have one long life, our time on Earth is but a short lesson within it.  There is no afterlife as such, it’s just a continuation of this life, as indeed this life is a continuation of whatever life you lived before.

Our mind/body/soul combination is made up of two dominant parts, a physical part and a spiritual part, as indeed is the entire universe.  Everything that exists has a physical component and a spiritual one.

That which we recognise as life is a blending of the two into one being.  Material substances animated by the spirit and as such able to change itself rapidly over time.

That which does not change dies out, because it is unable to fulfill it’s divine mandate to change.  This applies to all things such as nation states, corporations, religious ideologies, whatever!

The nature of life and indeed the universe as a whole is perpetual change.

Change is a vehicle that brings about new experiences and without new experiences life is not only wasted but pointless.

That’s why no two experiences are alike and nothing is ever fully under your control.  It’s not possible to get an experience of nothing, and neither is it possible to experience the same event in exactly the same circumstances ever again.  That lesson has be learned, it’s time for another one.  Or the same type of lesson applied in a slightly different way.

The meaning of life is simply to be alive, anything is absurd…

You might think that there’s a ‘thing’ called ‘nothing’ that existed before you were born and the time that’s coming after your ‘death’ will also be ‘nothing’ but I tell you all that death is, is a reunification of your personality your with your spiritual component.

Your personality that’s been shaped by your name and your life experiences merges with your higher, spiritual self into one being that remembers it all.  Every life lived, every experience had.

That spiritual higher self, merges with others along lines of rapport to form group souls, elemental and angelic beings that rapport their way into God sharing their combined experiences and life lessons to all their members as they do so.

This is the source of all inspiration and all intuition.  The gentle prodding of our higher selves and the assimilation of lessons learned by all of those that we have rapport with, raises up ideas and epiphanies within through our subconscious minds that not only help us out when we need them but develop into extra sensory abilities as we do so.  Telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship and remote viewing are all gifts of the spirit because they are the experiences of your spirit accessed through your ever increasing sensitivities.

That’s how it seems to us, but the truth is that God, splits into angelic and elemental beings that in turn separate out into group souls and individuals such as us.

God descends into the physical in an act of ‘creation’ that begets life, and life yearns to return to God in a never ending cycle of spiritual progression, learning and refinement, that starts in the exact same second that we recognise ourselves to be individual and sentient for the first time.  That’s the moment that the lesson of self has been learned.  That’s the moment we begin our journey back to reunification with the divine, not as servants or children but as equals with all that there is.  That’s the nature of spirituality.

It teaches us that we’re all different aspects of the same thing like different faces of the same cut and highly polished diamond and that to help another is to help ourselves and similarly if we hurt or harm another, we hurt and harm ourselves, because in a much higher realm, where separation no longer exists we are God and as such we are all things.

Contrast that to religion which is the ritualised apparel that surrounds these fine truths and you will see that whatever your path, be you a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian or indeed any faith.  The results are the same.

Spiritual people reveal spiritual truths to the world that other people take so seriously that they form faiths and religions around them.  They form dogmas that cannot change, at least not without having a war or an inquisition and in doing so they miss the point entirely that life is all about change, that the spirit is a learning creation and that God and you are one and the same thing.

A great spirit saturates the entire universe, but it’s split into two, a physical component and a spiritual one.  You are both spiritual and material, you are ‘life’ and life is God.

You should take a moment to consider that you are this wondrous thing that you shine the sun without knowing how and bring order to the solar system, delighting us with a moon that’s four hundred times smaller than the sun and is coincidentally four hundred times closer to it so that when it’s disc crosses the sun we get an eclipse that cannot be repeated anywhere else within the solar system or possibly the entire galaxy.

You do this without knowing how, you just do it, because you are IT.
And that’s why I have a few names, one of which is Mark, another is Marius, another is God.  One that last point we all share the same name, because an infinite spirit like God cannot be contained in a single name, or even seventy two of them like the Kabbalists (who I deeply respect) believe.  God has no names and every single name of every single thing, being and entity, including your name, because we’re all part of that great spirit and are all one in a much higher dimension.