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Virtue Signalling Celebs

Do you know what really annoys me? It’s when celebrities appear on Tv shows or social media and start going political.

You have to remember that the job of these people is to entertain us. It’s not their job to be an activist.

When these folk are appearing on chat shows, comedy panel shows, travel shows and award ceremonies and the like they are in their place of work, make no mistake… They are working.

So when the talking heads open their gobs to say, ‘I hate Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Joffrey Baratheon,’ they’ve immediately alienated a large part of their audience and I hate that, even if I agree with what they’re saying.

It’s not their job to be political, it’s their job to sing, dance, act or tell jokes.

The worst offenders that I can think of lately are of course the goons that work on “The Last Leg,’ I used to love this program but am now sick to death of all of the virtue signalling and playing to the gallery that’s going on.

But wait, “What about Satire?” you may ask…

Satire is not dropping a piano on the head of a CGI Piers Morgan. That’s just mean and cruel for the sake of cruelty. It also tells us a lot more about the mentality of the program makers than the audience.

It implies that they think that we ‘the audience’ all have the mindsets of easily entertained 5-year-olds watching Tom & Jerry, which despite being almost a century old still shows more humour and cleverness of writing than the media/centrist/London/elitist claptrap that is offered up to us today.

It also reveals that they don’t understand their audience at all, they are attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator instead of offering something that is genuinely funny, they’ve just come up with something cruel instead.

Dropping a piano on the head of Piers Morgan was shown repeatedly as a long-running and unfunny joke in the TV program Headcases which was presented as the spiritual successor to Spitting Image.

Spitting image was never unkind or cruel, because the makers of Spitting Image understood that Satire was all about exaggeration. They’d exaggerate the effects of political policy announcements and how they were planned, conflating them with the absurdities of other political issues to great comic effect.

An immediate example springing to mind that the then Tory Government had bought 3 million traffic cones when we’d already had an abundance of them over Britain’s roads so in the Spitting Image sketch Prime Minister John Major and his cabinet decided that they’d give one each to every unemployed person in Britain of which coincidentally, there was 3 million of them.

When a celeb attacks a politician that I like, my immediate thought is ‘fuck you, you virtue signalling piece of shit,’ before saying to Mrs Angry ‘Remind me to never watch or listen to that self-aggrandising moralising tw*t again.’

Years ago wise celebrities never did or said anything political, even refusing to open small fry events like a local Tory Party fete. That was wisdom, keeping your mouth shut in order to retain your popularity and your income. They understood that simply because they had an audience that didn’t give them the right to become an activist, soliciting opinion and trying to change the world for the better or moulding it in your own image is the work of Politicians and people that run pressure groups.

So celebrities stick to what you are good at and give us something to look at and enjoy that doesn’t involve the politics of the day. Entertainment is meant to be a diversion from the harsh realities of life, this is something that we all need now more than ever!

If you want to change the world then give up singing, acting, telling jokes or dancing and run for office, join a political party or form your own and go at it and see where it leads you. The fact that you have a large twitter following doesn’t give you the right to tell us about climate change when you’ve just dumped 4.0 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere crossing the Atlantic in your private jet to collect an environmental award.

And program makers you should know that whilst Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan might say controversial things, they are only doing their job being employed to do so by their respective organisations or newspapers for this very reason. The reason being that they have commercial value, many people do actually like them and agree with much that they have to say. If that wasn’t the case then they’d never see another column inch again. You and your clique of centrist/media luvvies do not represent the whole nation. You just represent you and your clique of media luvvies.

I’m sick to death of being told that 2016 was the worst year ever, because of Brexit and Donald Trump by these virtue signalling vacuous and vapid celebrities that don’t have a nuanced, original take on the situation. All they do is virtue signal to other celebrities so that they can get their approval at the next swinging Hollywood party.

To the rest of us it feels like we’re being force-fed vomit.

You can rest assured that the US political system will take care of Donald Trump. The founding fathers knew that there’d be men like him. Love him or loath him he will be constrained by the system. The system is full of checks and balances.

I do however like the way he’s shaken things up in America, which is why he’s coming under increasing attack by the same media luvvies that I’ve been ranting about in this article. He’s a lightning rod for cultural Marxists, celebrities and the urban-centric Media elites and this is a good thing.

As for Brexit, you can rest assured that when Britain leaves the European Union (if it ever does) it will be in name only. All of your freedoms, sovereignty and national identity have been p***ed away by our over privileged corporate/government complex that will do anything in its power to avoid a measly 2.5% tariff (World Trade Organisation rules).

I’m a Protectionist so I’m in favour of Tariffs in any case. The history of Britain shows that we grew wealthy and fat of the back of trade tariffs we started getting poorer the second we got rid of them. Incidentally, the WTO is committed to reducing this figure.

That’s right 2.5% is all that the fuss is about. It’s like this when big businesses want tariff-free access to overseas markets what they are trying to do is widen the market and eliminate the competition. Part of the way that they do this is to lobby the government into adopting new regulations and legislation. They can afford it. Their smaller competitors can’t so they go out of business. With fewer competition prices rise in the high street. This is the dream of the monopolists.

Everybody from politicians to other businessmen has been moaning about useless rules and regs that have come out of the European union for as long as I can remember. Now you can see where they’ve come from!

The lobbying industry in Brussels in enormous. The socialist dream of a united European Union that worked to bring peace and prosperity to all has been hijacked by Corporatists, whose only goal is to kill off the competition by writing them out of the rulebook.

Lobbying ensures that the tariffs are built in by the backdoor in the form of rules and regs that make it more costly to do business. Work that one out. The bigger businesses can write this off as a tax liability the smaller just can’t afford it. Win-Win for the corporatists.

The effect that it’s had on the Eurozone is appalling. It’s 500 million citizens are now poorer than ever both culturally and financially, because the nation state of Europe has regulated their local industries out of existence. Just ask the average Spanish teenager about his or her job prospects.

There is nothing more abhorrent to the super rich corporate elites than paying taxes, whilst the costs and effects of regulation can be written off against their tax bill an actual tariff can’t because it’s a levy on trade.

This applies no matter what side of the channel you are on, so a deal will be done and everyone can go back to sleep, meaning that 2016 won’t have been the worst year ever. That title belonged to 1941.

That was the year that Hitler and his henchmen started rounding up Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Slavs, not to mention the mentally and physically handicapped. Approximately 1.5 million of them were children…

So 2016 wasn’t the worst year ever, that title belonged to 1941.

Let us just leave that hanging in the air…
*I can’t find the 3 million traffic cones sketch so you’ll have to put up with 30 million instead and a slightly earlier Prime Minister. Plus some prophetic piss take of the way that the news would report on job losses and gains during Britain’s mass de-industrialisation of the 1980’s.  Which to this day remains the worst recession in our modern history.

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