The miscellaneous writings of Mark Bridgeman

We’re all one thing.

The mystic position is that we’re all one thing.

Everything to your left or right, what’s beneath your feet is all one thing.  In exactly the same way that a leaf on a tree is the entire tree wherever the leaf happens to be, you are the entire universe in the place that you happen to be, because we’re all one thing.

If you help another, you are actually helping yourself because we’re all one thing.

If you are kind to an animal then you are being kind to yourself because we’re all one thing.

If you love nature then you are loving yourself because we’re all one thing.

If you stare into the night sky and it fills you with wonder, it’s really yourself that you are staring into, because we’re all one thing.

If you care for the environment then you are caring for yourself, because we’re all one thing.

Take comfort in the fact that you are part of a pattern in the cosmos that goes on forever, an individual leaf may fall, but other leaves take their place and they are all you.  We’re all one thing.

You just experience it one at a time from a singular point of view, as indeed so does the universe, because we’re all one thing.

This means that when you die and other people are born after you, they are all you.  Everybody that has ever lived before are all you.  Everything that has ever existed and will ever exist is all you.

Don’t you feel magical?

You see, if you reincarnate as another being with no memory of his or her previous life, then that is exactly the same in principle as you dying and other people being born after you with no memory of any previous existence because we’re all one thing.

It’s just how you look at it.

It’s easy to see life as a flash in the darkness, a bright light that appears out of the pitch black before fading back into it, that’s the tragedy of a single, solitary life.  A spark of vitality that cannot last, and once gone is lost forever, but that’s only true if you concentrate on the spark.

If you zoom out however and look at the big picture you will see, billions, possibly trillions of flashes that light up the darkness forever in a pattern that is ever changing and eternal and they are all you because we’re all one thing.

The darkness is beautiful because it’s full of so much light, one without the other is impossible, incomprehensible and meaningless because we’re all one thing.

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