The miscellaneous writings of Mark Bridgeman

We’re not special. I am not special, we’re all special.

Human being aren’t special.

As a species we don’t have any more right to claim the planet’s resources than any other species.

The smallest ant or the largest elephant has an equally worthy claim to this world as you.  Which when examined turns out to be not a claim at all.

Saying that human beings are special and that they deserve a place here amongst the heavens on this beautiful blue globe is quite worthless.

It’s exactly the same as saying that your head is special because it holds your intellect, and because of that fact the afore mentioned head has a greater claim to your body than any other organ.  Clearly this is nonsence.

Try living without your liver or your lungs.

Try living on planet earth without the algae of the sea that produce more oxygen for us to breath than the forests of the world.

We’re all interconnected because we’re all one organism.  Planet Earth and it’s inhabitants of all species and all genera are the manifold parts of a great and glorious whole that we call ‘Planet Earth’.

It’s one organism in much the same way that your body and it’s internal organs with all of their flora and fauna can be seen as one organism even though you can go inside and see the smaller life forms that make up the bigger one, namely you.

The world and it’s inhabitants, is another small part of a much larger being and it’s all you.  One world, one galaxy, one universe and it’s all you.

Just because you don’t yet see yourself as the ‘head’ of this one organism doesn’t mean that it’s not true.  Separation is an illusion.

Meditate upon that fact and after a while something wonderful will happen.  You will see that everything in existence is of course special, because you are it and it is you, inseparable, indivisible, eternal and beautiful.

It’s all you and it’s special.  It’s all you and it’s wonderful.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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