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What are The Gifts of The Spirit

People often talk about the gifts of the spirit as if they are supernatural abilities that no one else can possess.

Whilst it’s true that some spirits are already elevated enough to express supernatural abilities everyone can develop their awareness to do the same.

Fix your attention on God whatever your perception of God happens to be and simply ask for truth.

Send God your thoughts, send God your love.  See how it feels when it instantly comes back to you.  Build rapport and develop a relationship with God.  Eventually you will start to feel that the real you.  The real deep down you that’s inside is not only yourself but God too.

Through the ages various people have described this as letting God into your heart or the Holy Spirit descending upon you.  The truly wise amongst you will understand for reasons that will soon follow that it’s more of a recognition of what was already there…

You will feel that you and God are not only one, but that you are both timeless and eternal beings that represent different aspects of the divine.  You are to the grand spirit of God what a single face is to a diamond.  Just a different representation of the whole.  You will realise that you are not only yourself but are all beings in existence, wherever they may be found.  That everything is you and you are everything and that it has always been this way.

The Entire Universe is God, and God is you.

The universe that you perceive around you is simply the material aspect of God.  The immaterial aspect is of course represented by the unseen spiritual material and spirits of all kinds.

You will realise that you have other bodies made from more spiritual materials and the senses of those bodies will open over time making you increasingly psychic.

Directing your attention to God develops your spirit and promotes soul growth and with that your spiritual gifts will start to flower.  That’s all there is to it, so keep your attention directed at God.

Understand that all experiences are spiritual experiences that all of your actions are the actions of God.  When you realise this you will understand that your whole life is one big, long prayer and that everyone is devoted to God because they are God, even those who claim not to be or not to even believe.

No thing is separate to the great spirit, no soul can be left behind.  When you think on this for a long enough time you will understand that eternal punishment and the torture of the damned is nonsensical.

To punish another is to punish yourself.  To forgive another is to forgive yourself.  One soul’s pain is the great spirit’s pain.  Eternal punishment would be like trying to hack of your own foot for the rest of time.  It’s stupid, unenlightened and would be self harm.  The origins of love and compassion become stupendously obvious, because it’s self love and compassion for oneself.  When this is made manifest beyond your immediate skin it’s intensely rewarding for the same astoundingly obvious reasons.

You are the Universe

You see you are not some ‘poor little me’ a solitary thing cast adrift in an infinite and an uncaring universe.  You are the entirety of the universe.  All aspects of it.

That’s when the gifts of the spirit are made manifest when you understand that your spirit is their spirit.

Telepathy is meaningless and entirely possible, because their thoughts are your thoughts.

Healing a possibility because all matter and all energy is your matter and your energy.

Self healing is not only possible but necessary, because if you heal yourself you will heal the world.  To raise your awareness is to raise the awareness of all beings, wherever they may be in any place or time.

You will realise that you are this wondrous thing, that you are everything and nothing, that you alternate between life and death and death and life again in a myriad of different forms in all places and all times, because you are this incredible energy that can neither be destroyed or diminished.  That life is a gift that keeps on giving.  That the nature of God is to pretend that you are not God.  That all things exist between opposing poles of contrast without which there would be no meaning.

You will sit back and be awed by your own mighty spirit.  Every soul in existence contains a universe and that universe is you.  You are the macro and the micro, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.   You are all things in all conditions.




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