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What did you do when you realized you were God?

Please note that this is a comment on an answer to a question on the Quora website in which someone said that the idea that we’re all God or that you or I am God is considered offensive to Christians, Muslims and Jews respectively.  My comment is below:

I am a Christian mystic and have no problem with the idea that God is all things, events and places, making us all God.

Nothing can exist outside of God. When God made the universe, metaphorically speaking, he made it from himself as there was nothing else to begin with.

Lots of mystics reach this conclusion independently and this seems to be an aspect of the acceptance of God that transcends ordinary religion. When you understand this, you really do walk with God in the garden of Eden and have the eternal friendship of God. It makes you thankful to be alive.

Muslims, jews or other christians should not be offended when this realisation is open to them too.

To claim that all things are God, and that we are as a result all God and ‘I am God,’ is not the same as the claim, that ‘I am God and therefore I can work miracles.’ The first is a claim of humility, the second is a claim of the ego.

Human beings are far too limited to be creative in the same way that the nexus of God is or for want of a better term ‘The Godhead.’

Human beings are subject to physical laws. The Godhead (God the Father) is what set them all in motion. This aspect of God is the architect of the entire universe, setting the stars in their place and shaping the mountains. The Holy Spirit is the omnipresent portion of God that infuses all matter with awareness and life. The spirit is everywhere, stretching across all of creation. The example of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour is one in which man can be shown to transcend the limitations of the body by careful cultivation of the Holy Spirit.

We are God in the same sense that a single tree is what the entire forest is doing wherever the tree happens to be, or a wave is what the entire ocean is doing wherever the wave happens to be. A cloud is likewise what the entire sky is doing where the cloud happens to be and a human being is what God is doing wherever the human being happens to be.

Soli Deo Gloria (To God alone goes the Glory!)

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